Oktober 28, 2011

The Sun And Night Sky In Me. Are My Eyes The Stars?

Hi Everyone!
        Well, there were lots of free time lately. And I tried to use it as much as possible. Yeah, I have been working on the plans which were pending before, and I also work on the new plans. I am very happy to realize there are many plans that I have completed, and one of them is...

Why should we hurry?
How about a lil Fashion first?

Oktober 24, 2011

I Just Woke Up! Hoaahhmm,,,,

Hello everyone!
(everyone = Muggles + My neighbors + Readers + Blogwalkers)
I just woke up from a loong hibernation. And how are you? Still in the same hole, waiting for me? Hehe

Finally mid semester exams are over. Call me "Alay" if you want, But I think that  two weeks for exams is sucks. annoying. tiring. boring. If I were really a wizard, I would customize the time by my wand and spells. So that I have a very short time for exams anda a looong time for fun. LOL

Could you see our full-of-relief faces after exams? (me at right :)

Oktober 11, 2011


Yes peeps. I have to "Hiatus" / stop blogging for a while because of MID SEMESTER EXAMS.

Wish me luck....!! hehe :D

I promise I will be blogging soon...
Don't miss me! :p

~Toowhit toowhoo...!!~