Februari 24, 2014

Suatu hari kutemukan bunga di tepi jalan..

Ia hanya diam
Sesekali mengangguk kala semilir angin lewat
Tanpa ada yang melihat
Tanpa ada yang menyadari
Betapa indahnya ia

 (taken near a random street at West Sumatera, between other wild plants)

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Februari 19, 2014

Yummy Nummy Fried Rice

I love fried rice.
Basicly I love every kind of fried rice.
But the dishes below is the the most delicious fried rice I have ever tasted so far.
I bought it from the random restaurants at west Sumatera.

 Fried Rice with Petai beans and salad
Nasi goreng pete + salad

Fried rice with honey grilled chicken
Nasi goreng ayam bakar madu

Oh my.
Posting this photos made me hungry.
Gotta go for lunch, now!
See you later

Februari 16, 2014

Holiday Journey: Taman Tirta Alami

Hello everyone!
Some weeks ago, me and other ex-members of student senate (BEM) went for a short holiday at Taman Tirta Alami. It's a park which located near Anai Valley, west sumatera. It was my first time visiting that place and I love it! It's like a playground and waterpark in the middle of wild forest. Very natural. Very refreshing. Truly an unforgettable experience.

the gate
You see that super happy smile? LOL.

Februari 14, 2014

Hello again!

Hey there!
Missing me deeply? Ahh, I know.. :p

Well, I just wanna say that my PL time was over.
And my holiday was over too.
So, ready or not, like or not.. here I come!
I'm back

I love my blog's new appearance.
What do you think? hehe
Gonna post my holiday story soon!