Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is AUL HOWLER really your name?
Aul is part of my birth name [see About me, here]. and Howler is not my birth name. Yes, Aul Howler is my screen name, and my pseudonym as a writer ( in Indonesia, it known as: Nama Pena). 

Q: Why do you write on blog?
Writing is one of my hobbies. And I always feel happy when anybody reads my writings. Why blog? because blog is like my own public magazine. I shouldn't ask anyone's permission to post my writings. Moreover, every human on the world has the same chance to read it. And finally, I write on blog because it's simple, easy and free. Is there any other better place to do that? I guess no :)

Q:  Why do you write blogposts in english?
Sekarang sudah jarang kok. Saya tidak bermaksud sok atau songong atau tidak cinta bahasa indonesia atau yang lain-lain, lho. TIDAK SAMA SEKALI. Tapi, saya merasa bahwa dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris did alam postingan blog, akan lebih banyak orang yang membaca blog ini (Maksudnya tidak sebatas orang indonesia saja). Walaupun sejauh ini teman-teman blogger saya yang berasal dari luar negri memang belum sampai ratusan orang. Hanya beberapa belas orang saja.

Selain itu, saya sering menulis post dalam bahasa inggris karena saya suka pelajaran bahasa inggris dari SD, dan ingin menguasainya karena ada banyak sekali manfaatnya yang saya rasakan. Sehingga, dengan banyak menulis dalam bahasa inggris (walaupun kadang-kadang berantakan) saya berharap bahasa inggris saya akan semakin bagus dari waktu ke waktu. begitu..

Q: Where do you live?
In a beautiful place at Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Q: Why do you love owl?
I don't know. Once upon a time in my childhood, I saw the owl character ALOT in Winnie The Pooh series and in Disney comiks. And since that moment, I like owl figure so much. When I was in junior high school age, I randomly used "Owl" word in my friendster ID [Owl_or_Aul@haha.id] just because Owl / Awl / Aul sounds similar. Then, one of my classmate, Anne, used to call me owl. Then Gilang. Then Nadia. Then Zaid. And until now many friends of mine often call me owl. And then I thought, "Why don't I use owl as my image?". That's why you see so many owl pics in this blog. Silly, I know. But whatev. I do silly things that make me happy.

Q: Is it true that you write a novel?
Yes, in the progress. Since 2008 -_____- Wish it will be published this year..

Q: Are you Fashionista / Fashion Blogger?
No I am not. I post about fashion sometimes, just because I'm just interested in it. Btw I already started a fashion blog to share the outfits I wear in current time. Is that mean I'm a fashion blogger now? I don't know. Hahaha. Visit it on www.Notforstyle.blogspot.com

Q:  Who's your photographer? / The one who took your photo?
LOL. This question is the most-often question asked by people. Well I never have a photographer. I used to ask anyone around me to take the pics of mine whenrever I want to take a pic. My siblings, my friends, my classmates, my juniors, my hangout pals, waiter in the cafe, random people on the street, anyone.

Q: Do you like drawing?
Yes I do. ALOT

Q: How do you find ideas for your blog posts?
Watching TV, reading magazines, surfing on internet, randomly pictures on google search, travelling, hanging out, exploring instagram, etc. BUT, this ways work for personal blogger only. It doesn't work for software blogger or tech blogger or other kind of blogger, I guess.

Q: What do you usually do in free time?
Sleeping, travelling, hanging out, taking photos for blog, online, etc.

Q: How do you manage your blog?
First, I'm not a full time blogger. I have many daily activities in the real life. So, I could not update this blog everyday. I try as often as possible. I use Otoru-kun (my laptop) for blogging. sometimes on ICT in my campus, sometimes in a place-with-wifi, sometimes in the office, sometimes in internet cafe, etc.
About the appearance, I try to design it by my self. I buy dotcom domain [ www.Aulhowler.com ] at November 2015. I write all post originally by my hand and my head. No copy paste. Except some picture which I couldn't take by my self (I put the credit for source, of course).

Q: How can you still active for a long time on your blog?
I'm not active on my blog sometimes (example: when I have exam/tests, when I'm spending holiday somewhere, etc). But I know, some years in blogging (since September 2008) and still, have been active, is not easy. You know, many bloggers deleted their blogs because they were bored. And I tried my best  --seriously-- to keep in touch and not to delete my blog because of the same reason. I hope I will never stop blogging. yay! #Spirit