November 21, 2012

Actually, I'm not a dancer nor a speaker. But I think there's nothing wrong with "trying" right?

     Hello everyone!
     I'm so so so so sorry for the lack of update on this blog. "Student activities" and "Organizations activities" have killed my blogging time. Cliche. But, that's the fact. I know I'm a bad blogger. hehe :)

     OK. Let's begin to the blogpost.
     Some days ago, my faculty held an Opening Ceremony for an event called FRESH. There were many contest and competitions in that event: Football, Volleyball, Singing contest, Band competition, Speech contest, Debate, Scientific writing competition, etc. The participants came from Faculty of health / Dentistry / Medicine / Public health and many others, from all over Sumatra Island. Wohoo!!

     And for the opening ceremony, my friends and I performed a modern dance + Gangnam Style too :)

All photos by: Ika, my friend.


     I was that purple boy.
     I also got the video, but unfortunately the resolution is not really good. So, I think it would be better not to post it here :p
     Anyway, I also joined the speech contest! The announcement of the winner will be on November 25. Wish me luck everyone!

had so much fun!

Do you know that I love wearing T-shirt?
Yess. of course you do. I ever told you, remember? hehehe
So, I just found a very cool shop, Labodali online shop. They sells many kind of good quality printed T-shirt in many "trend & up-to-date" theme: Anime, Music, Artist, Idol, Travel, and many others. And the T-shirts are available in many different colors!

 I want all..!!

You see?
If I were you I would buy this cool stuffs soon!
So, What are you waiting for?

Go shop!

See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo!

November 16, 2012

November 10, 2012

Some Old Songs Make Me Sing Again and Again

     Found some old songs recently and I didn't know why I love to sing that songs again and again. Everywhere. In my bathroom, in my bedroom, in front of TV, in the class, on the way, etc. Oh, And I also downloaded the "minus one" version. So I could be the singer. Just like karaoke. LOL. Actually I'm not really good in singing. But, who cares? We can do anything we want, as long as we don't disturb others, right? :p

     Please do not force me to make any video covers..
     I'm planning to do that but I'm still busy :p



Do you guys all ever hear one? or some?
Do you like to sing it as well?

November 04, 2012

We Cry and Smile In Unexpected Time

     Life is full of mystery. We cannot guess what will happen.
     You know, I experienced many bad things and good things this week. Many things at once. Unpredictable. Imagine this example: I was walking on a plan track, and suddenly I ended in a stalemate. I was swiming in the ocean of happiness and suddenly I ended up in a storm. I was hungry at uninhabited island and suddenly many lunch box fell down from the sky. Just like that.

     But I believe, there's ease after hardship. Happiness after sadness.
     And it's quite possible, there will be sadness after happiness too.
     Let's just enjoy everything we get and grateful for it all.