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Aul Howler. 24 years old wizard who lived in Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia. A Blogger, Story-writer, Novelist, Tenorist, Public Health Student, Pokemaniac and Harry Potter Freak. Currently a magister student of Universitas Indonesia and staying in Depok City. In break time, usually reading books or watching youtube/movies on notebook or read random blogs or uploading photos to instagram or sleep.

About The Blog
This blog has been written since 2008. This is a personal blog Blogazine which contains various type of posts, depends on the writer's mood. Mostly about life story (like diary journal or something), and story, movie, music, games, fashion, photography, poem, joke, generally--anything. The contents are originally written and no copy-paste. But some pictures, videos, sounds, etc are taken from google and the credit for source/hyperlink will always be included. If you want to take/copy something from this blog, kindly ask for permission by email and don't forget to give hyperlink to this blog.

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Beware of the fake contact/accounts. The official accounts of the blogger are below:
Twitter : @AULHOWLER


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