Juli 25, 2013

Another Cinderella Story

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome prince from a far away land...
Dahulu kala, hiduplah seorang pangeran tampan dari negeri yang sangat jauh..

 He wanted to marry Cinderella, a beautiful princess from the land side.
One day, he went out to meet Cinderella by riding his horse ...

Dia ingin menikahi Cinderella, seorang putri cantik dari negeri sebelah.
Suatu hari, ia pergi menjemput Cinderella dengan kudanya...

But, how shocked he was when he found out
that Cinderella has married another prince ...

Akan tetapi, betapa terkejutnya ia saat mengetahui
bahwa Cinderella sudah menikah dengan pangeran lain...

"Do not worry, I'll be there for you, handsome prince." Said the horse.
"Really? thank you! this is crazy but ..
I think I love you .." said the prince

"Jangan khawatir, aku akan selalu ada untukmu, Pangeran tampan." Kata sang kuda.
"Benarkah? terima kasih! Ini mungkin terdengar sinting tapi..
Ku rasa aku mencintaimu.." Kata sang pangeran

Finally, the prince and his horse fell in love.
They got married and lived happily ever after ...

Akhirnya, sang pangeran dan kudanya saling jatuh cinta.
Mereka pun menikah dan hidup bahagia selamanya...

-The End-

Producer : Aul Howler
 Prince Actor : Aul Howler
Cinderella Actress : Cousin
Horse Actress : Hobbyhorse Toys 
Location : Timezone Plaza Andalas, Padang City.  

Juli 18, 2013

First Bukbar of Ramadhan 2013

      Hello everyone.
      Some days ago, some of my classmates and I had a Bukbar (Buka Bersama)(Takjil+dinner together) at Enhaii cafe & resto near our campus. It was the first Bukbar of 2013. Really enjoyed it. Got sooo much fun!
Yummy foods :9
 The crowds. 8 girls + 4 boys in a table. Berisik tapi asik hehe.
Fun fun fun!!
Everyone surprised Me & Anya.

A super-sweet-and-delicious birthday cake for us.
Anya and I.
We both have been 20 years old since June, actually.
But everyone celebrated it on July since most of us busy. hehehe.
 Thank you very much guys :')

Juli 15, 2013

Flu + Fever = Failed

      I'm so sorryyy!!
      I broke my promise (I never told you but I promise to my self, in my mind) to reply all comments and do blogwalking to your blog. Sniff... Sniff... It has been 4 days since I got flu and fever. Maan, I felt so sick. I slept almost all day long in this 4 days and now I'm in better condition, I think. Still in fever actually but I miss this blog so much and I miss your blogs as well. Let's hope that blogging will heal me as effective as medicine.

Juli 10, 2013

Simple Gifts Make Me Happy

     Hello everyone. I just got this simple gifts from my sister and my mom. So my sister just came back from a hospital in Bukittinggi city (untuk praktek ko-as) and she bought me a little souvenir: a key chain! It's a mini bottle with a ship miniature in it. Not really special, actually. But as a key chain and strap lover, I think this is super cool! I love it and I love you sistaa..

Juli 04, 2013

Yesterday I found a wonderful place

     Accidentally found this place near the village (not far from my city). I was randomly driving my dad's motorcycle with my cousin at 06.00 PM (jalan-jalan sore) when she said, "That place is cool!". So actually I didn't have any plans to do a photoshoot because I was not wearing a right outfit for a photoshoot. Too casual. But that place is very beautiful and I could not help my self. I could not stop my self to take some photos there, even though I must brighten the photos too much (because it was dark already at 06.15 PM) and make them blurry but heyy... there's nothing wrong with uploading the photos here hehehe...

Volcom denim hat, Volcom sweatshirt, plaid long sleeve shirt,
black skinny jeans, sandals

     How's your holiday? Mine is very good so far. I have a lot of time for writing stories and watching movies on my netbook and hanging out with friends or with my dad only (Mom went to singapore, Both of my sister and brother are in my aunt's house). And the most important thing is I have a lot of free time for blogging. Toowhit Toowhoo!!

Juli 01, 2013

Today's Photo: Caterpillar

(click to enlarge/view the full size)

My first serious photo using Hedwig!
Not really good, I know. I'm still a beginner. still in learning.
what do you think?