Oktober 30, 2012

Please Be Mine, You Super Cool Camera!

     Hello muggles!
     As I ever told you in one of my blogpost, that the camera of my phone --which I usually use to take any photos-- is could not be used anymore. There are some errors with it and I didn't want to repair it because of expensive cost. It would be better If I save the money to buy the new camera.
     But.. nowadays, saving money is really hard to do. For example, I was walking around the campus and accidentally found a new shop which sells many new foods. I could not control my self, of course. I love foods too much :p Then I spent my money for it. ckckck.
     I have been doing many things to get a new camera. Saving money sounds hard [But I'm still in the progress of saving money]. Then I tried to find contest or competition or giveaway which give camera as the prize. ^^

     The main prize are a super cool aquapix camera and a bracelet. This contest is held by Achter Shop and Sugar Shop. If you want to join this giveaway too, simply do this steps:
1. visit the giveaway post, here.
2. Follow Achter and Sugar Shop blog
3. LIKE Achter and Sugar Shop fanpages
4. Follow Achter and Sugar Shop twitter
5. Blog about this giveaway (giveaway link required)
6. Tweet about this giveaway, mention @sugarshopp and @Achter8 (giveaway link required)
 The giveaway will be closed on Oct, 30th 2012.
The winner will be sellected randomly on Oct, 31th 2012.

Isn't that camera looks super cool?
I wanna get it! [mana gratis lagi. gilaa X)) haha ]

See you in the next post!

Oktober 24, 2012

24 hours per a day are not enough. I need 1 or 2 hours more!

     Just a quick post
     Please don't be angry at me, friends. It's become so hard for me to update this awesome (:p) blog since I'm getting a lot of activities. GRR! honestly I'm tired of complaining. In other side, I wanna blame someone and kick his ass for making me very busy. But I could not do that, because there's nothing / nobody to be blamed. I wish I could kick my ass by my self -_-
     So, yeah. I got a free time for a hour now. I came late to the class this morning and then the lecturer [dosen] doesn't allow me to join the class. Thanks Mrs. teacher Mrs. lecturer, you save my blog from the dark hahaha...
      Student nowadays...

     Let's skip that unimportant part...

     Some days ago, some classmates asked me to have a lunch together. I was just like "heyy, that's a seldom thing, right?" coz I usualy have a lunch alone, or together with Nando & oddy only. But they said, "We treat. We'll pay your lunch, Aul". Finally I didn't have any reason to reject it. Free food sounds good.
    It turns out they gave me a surprise. a birthday cake! That's shocking. I told them that my birthday is at june 23. NOT October. That means it's 4 months after my birthday. Then, they said that they never got chance to celebrate my birthday because they were busy just like me. Oh, well. I totally understood, of course. We got the same... #smirk

    OMG. this year is full of cake. I got so many birthday cake from friends... #SuperHappy

     I actually didn't remember to take any photos of that afternoon. So, thank you so much to Dian for sending me this pic from her blackberry. (Nobody brought camera). we know that the quality of photos is not good if we use bb. But the most important think is : she save my blog from boredom. LOL :))

     I didn't mean to be a lazy blogger. I was just... *trying to find ideas*....... oh. let's forget it!
     blogger nowadays...


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Oktober 15, 2012

Bye Bye UTS

     Finally the Mid Semester Test (UTS) in my faculty was over. (breathing in relief). Yeahh yeaahh yeahhh! That was exhausting, you know? I was tired of studying for exams rapidly. I was sick of memorizing so many health and medical theories. I was crazy of answering hundreds questions..

     Bye-Bye UTS. I will forget you and how annoying you are... Well, I'd tried to do my best for you. (I guess I'll get some "B". And I guess I'll get some "C" or "D" too. hehehe) So, I don't need to remember which questions I couldn't answer. Coz it will makes me throwing up, YAKKS!!

     By the way, last night I got an email from a the talented illustrator, bang Devlin. He sent me a self-drawing! Woohoo! A huge mood booster :) Thank you Bang Devlin!
This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
I could not hide my smile everytime I see this.
happy & proud

 See you in the next post!
I've been preparing an event for this blog. Be waiting! :)
Toowhit Toowhoo!!

Oktober 07, 2012


     Just a quick post.
     Here are some photos I took some days ago, after campus time. My friends and I decided to go to the beach as a simple way to escape from boredom and fatigue. need refreshing. We only had a very short time before night. Not enough actually, but It works!

Oktober 05, 2012

Harry Potter Week

     So, there would be Harry Potter movies on TV during this week. 5 days for 5 movies! (They didn't show the 6th and the 7th movie on TV but it's okay since I have it in my computer). As you guys all know, I'm a Harry Potter Freak. I never be bored to watch Harry Potter again and again hahaha. Well, the TV version is more clearly than in my computer so It give more satisfaction.

     Last night I excitedly watched the 1st movie. One of my favorite! (I also favorited the 3rd and the 5th). The next movie will be on TV tonight and tomorrow and 2 days later and after that and... Toowhit Toowhoo!!

     Anyone here watch Harry Potter?

     Anyway, The Mid Semester test will be over next friday! 7 days left (total: 12 days)! I hardly did my best so far (for Epidemiology, Science Of Nutrition, Science Of Environmental HealthFarmacology, etc) eventhough I always lazy to study. Oooops :p The only good thing is: There's no test in weekend. Ahh... refreshing-for-a-moment sounds like a fun plan.

Please please please wish me luck for my Mid semester Test, everyone!

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

Oktober 01, 2012

Me In Chibi Version : Awesome Artwork!

     Hello everyone! How are you?
    I'm fine. and busy. as usual. LOL. Seriously. heyy, I'll face Mid Semester Test this 2 weeks (until October 12). You see? =__= There's always annoying thing after a busy time over. ARGH!!

     Let's skip that...

    Anyway, before I start to the blog post, anyone here know something about chibi (Child Body)? Here I give you a copy from wikipedia:

     "Chibi (ちび or チビ?) is a Japanese slang word meaning "short person" or "small child". The word has gained currency amongst fans of manga and anime. Its meaning is of someone or some animal that is small.."

And here are some examples:

One Piece chars  in Chibi ver.

Naruto Chars in Chibi ver.
super Junior members in Chibi ver.
Girls Generation (SNSD) members in Chibi ver.

Back to the blogpost... 
     Last night, I got an awesome artwork- sent by my friend in USA, Kia. I know her from twitter since we're big fans of owlcity. So, some days ago she sent owlcity a self drawing/caricature in chibi version. It's so cool. Then I tried to request her a drawing of me in chibi version too. And TADAAAAA...

her inspirations:

     Thank you Kia!
     I love it very much. Super awesome!
     Go visit and follow her tumblr here, or find her on twitter by clicking here. She's great!

     Uhmm... So far, I've collected 5 drawings of me. Click here to see. If you're interested to draw me too (please in cartoon version only. realistic paintings or illustrations which are very similar are not allowed in my faith), you could send it to my email Aulhowler@yahoo.com ..and I'll post it here of course! Thanks

Wish me luck in my Mid Semester test!

     See you in the next post!
     Toowhit Toowhoo!!