Februari 28, 2013

The Faculty Event & Mid Semester Test

Hello everyone!
It's a late post again and I think I don't need to say any reasons, coz I believe you already knew, right? ;)

Well, now I'm going to share about my latest activity in an event held by Student Organizations (BEM) in my faculty. It's called "Uda-Uni FKM UNAND 2013". The idea is like a selection to find "King and Queen" but in the different purpose. This Uda-Uni event was held to find a male and a female student to be the ambassadors of faculty, as the smartest and the most talented student. I was working as a comittee (panitia).

The registration

While decorating the background for photospot
I'm the boy in blue jacket.

The background is ready to use

I also design the logo/icon
Not really good, but it's not really bad, right? ^^

 The Supporters of a Contestant

The judges, the winners
The next ambassador of the faculty

While designing
You see my oily face?? ._.
(acaranya sampai malam sih.. Gak sempat mandi sore)

Many people use our background! yeah!

Okayy, that's enough, I think.
I'm really-really busy right now coz.. It's 3 days left before MID SEMESTER TEST.
OMG why... why...

But, no problem.

You know what? I have a big surprise for you in the next post.
So, be waiting ;)

Toowhit Toowhoo!!

Februari 22, 2013


Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry (again) for the lack of post. Student activities kill my free time. As usual. For this week, I have so many things to do. Such as: Training for National University English Debate Championship, Choir Excercise (I'm a tenorist), Designing many posters for some events, Meeting and meeting and meeting, many classes to be attended, and bla-bla-bla and bla-bla-bla.

I must finish what I've been started. I'm not allowed to fly now. I cannot run now.
I'm trapped.

Somebody halp!
Toowhit Toowhoo!!

Februari 15, 2013

Introducing : My New Baby-Boy!

I'm so happy today.
I got a new netbook (I want it since last year). Hehe..
I wish I will write (story/book/blog) more diligent by using it.
Here it is. Toshiba NB510 blue.
My new baby!

As you guys all know, I always give a name for every stuffs I love.
But I didn't have a nice name for him yet. Any suggestions?

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I finally call this netbook Otoru :)

Februari 11, 2013

A Very Beautiful Green Beach

Heyho, Muggles!
Missing me?

I won't told you how busy I am, I guess. No need. You know that already. hehe. So I'm so sorry for a lack of post (again and again). I got a bunch of activities and I almost forgot: I have a blog.

Btw, an awkward momment was happened today. So, there was discussion about "Health Promotion via Internet" in my classroom. And accidentally, the lecturer (dosen) talked about blog.

Lecturer   : "Is there any blogger in this class?"
Everyone : "Auuuuulll...!!"
Me          : *Blushing*
Lecturer   : "Is there any health promotion in his blog?"
Everyone : "Nooooooo...!!!"
Me          : *Speechless*


I wish I could forget that.

Now, I have some photos for you, guys. I just found it. It's a very beautiful green beach. My friends and I visited the beach once when we were having outbound activity.

Very beautiful.
Isn't this beach looks like a painting?
Or a background-setting in a fairytale?
Pantainya terlihat seperti lukisan, kan?
Atau latar dalam dongeng-dongeng?

Muggle, Muggle, Muggle, ME, Muggle

While in a game of the Outbound
Yang kaos putih. *Buka baju karna gerah*

Photo session before the end of event
Unforgetable momment!
I wish I could visit that beach again one day

See you in the next post!
It will not be late, I promise! :)
Toowhit toowhoo!!