Mei 01, 2010

Pyramid Cereal Ala Aulius Cleverhead


You guys...
somedays ago I watched Farah Quinn at TV...
Cooking... As usual...

And She make Salad...
How yummy, she said...
And it make me thristy...

Then, i tried to find something delicious in refrigerator...
and i found Anything... And then I make Pyramid cereal succesfully...

You wanna try...?

To make Pyramid cereal, you need:

Gery Piramid. 1 packs.

Cupcake. You could use other cake if you want.

Milk. 1 packs.

Fresh water. 1 glass
Some iceblock if you want.


1. Break the Gery Piramid into small pieces.

2. Break the cupcake into small pieces too, and mix with the Gery piramid pieces.

3. Pour a half of milk into glass. add iceblock if you want.

4. Pour remaining milk into cake-wafer pieces. Mix it.

5. Pour the milk liquid into cake mixture. Mix it well.

6.And... this is it... Pyramid Cereal Ala Chef Aulius Cleverhead! Yayy!

It was so Yummy!!

Let's try!


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