Juli 31, 2011

10 (Secret) Things About Me

      Hi everyone! How was your week? It must be great, right? Now, I wanna share some secrets about me.. Because Some bloggers (Rizkimufty, Nyla Baker, Zhi, and many others) tagged me. It's surprising! how could so many bloggers want to know about me? Who am I anyway? Green allien from mars? LOL. hehe

Well, I just an ordinary eighteen boy. But maybe, I hide some secrets from the world...

1. Aul Howler is not my birth name. Yes, it is my pseudonym as a writer. ( in indonesia we call it: Nama Pena). Howler is taken from owl (I'm an owl lover). some years ago, I use Aul Owl as pseudonym. But everybody said, it sounds weird. So, I use hOWLer.

2.  I am a Pokemon maniac. Since I was 7 years old...

3. I'm a Harry Potter maniac. My favorite characters in HP are Hermione, Harry, Ronn, Mcgonagall, Dumbledore and Luna Lovegood... In death eaters group, I also like Bellatrix Lestrange Black

4. I'm a big fan of  David Archuleta, Owl City, Sherina Munaf, Vidi Aldiano.  I play their songs and hear their amazing voices on my phone or computer almost everyday. and... ehem... I also sing their songs almost everyday. You wanna hear me singing...? #GUBRAKK

5. My favorite food is Satay. And for drink, I love sweet-cold Cucumber Juice.
6. I hate durian So much.
7. I'm interested in many cool things. Photography, Poems, Story, Drawing, Fashion, Entertainment, Travelling, etc.

8. Maybe I love singing and dancing. Coz I often sing and dance in the bathroom. I love to sing some kpop group's songs. So, if you guys are interested to recruit me to your Boyband or others, I'm available! LOL. hehehe
9. I'm on writing a project. Wish me luck! :*

10. I love to smile and laugh together. I love to play together. I love my family and friends. I love my blogger-Neighbors :)

Actually, I have to tagg this "10 things about me" to other bloggers (that's one of the rules). But I don't want to make my neighbors tell the world their secrets too. I'm sure some bloggers need privacy. So, I don't tagg anyone. But, If some of you are excited to write down 10 things abot you too, just do it and mention my link :)

1. Tomorrow is OSPEK (kind an orientation phase for the new students of a university/faculty). Wish me luck, and please wish me survive.
2. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa buat teman2 yang melaksanakannya. Bila saya memiliki kesalahan kepada teman-teman semua, apakah sengaja atau tidak, mohon maaf lahir dan batin yaa. Semoga ibadah kita semua diterima :D
(Agak gawat sih, coz hari pertama puasa = Hari pertama OSPEK) It's gonna be a tiring week. hiks hiks...


37 komentar:

  1. yeahh...i wanna hear u sing a song :D
    hehehhe....and DURIAN is SO DELICIOUS and YUMMY...trust me :D

  2. Gud luck buat ospeknya bang :)
    selamat puasa :D

  3. Samaaaa, gua juga ga suka Durian >_<

  4. Now I know you a little more!

    I like it!

    Adrien Loren

  5. hate durian?? are you kidding us? itu much delicious kaliiii hahaha well aul pasti aku doain ospeknya, ospekku ahir agustus nih..hehe semangat ya,thanks juga udah share ttg kamu ;)

  6. Wow.i love miss lestrange too.
    Dy kan dpt award tu dek kalo gasalah..
    Krn her act is totally great on HP
    Oke.. Mhn mav lahir batin juga ya..
    Selamat berpuasa

  7. belatrix mati dibunuh molly weasley ( ibu ron )

    btw, selamat puasa :) mohon maaf lahir batin

  8. I am same with you at number 7...
    I like themmmmm... >.<

  9. what's so special about no 10?? I like ur template.... so sweet:)

  10. ow ow ow ow, satu hal, ternyata kita punya kesukaan yang sama pada segala sesuatu yang berbau "burung" burung hantu maksudnya, hahahahaha

    terus ternyata gampang banget kalau mau ngasih loe hadiah, SEBUAH DURIANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  11. Goodluck for your OSPEK :)
    I like to watch Harry Potter movies. Since I was Junior high school I've been reading the books.

  12. benci durian? pasti karena baunya :p
    hehehe, goodluck for the orientation :)

  13. benci durian? toss deh...idem..

  14. Intinya kamu nih pecinta seni ya :)
    ikut menegaskan lagi, samaaa aku juga gg suka durian :D

  15. kayaknya koq rata2 blogger pasti punya proyek bikin buku. gw juga ga boleh kalah nih... :D

  16. durian kan enak, pst ga suka baunya :D

  17. Woooooow pokemon! :D :D
    Masih ngikutin animenya, gak, yang "Best Wishes" terbaru? :)

    Duh, duren itu enak lho. :)

  18. kamu gak suka durian?
    aku suka banget,hahhaa..
    aku juga suka owl city!


  19. adeeeek, kita sama2 ngefans sama david archuletta :3
    aih, foto yg kamu pasang disitu si david ganteng banget deh. pengen umek2 pipinya unyuuu deh hehe

  20. Salam sahabat
    maaf telat
    jadi tahu 10 secret ini.oh iya udah saya follow

  21. same, i very very hate durian :D
    saya juga suka harry potter dan kpop jpop >.< *gak nanya

    met puasa juga, salam blogger

  22. blog walking perdana di blog anda

  23. i hate durian's too :S good luck for ur OSPEK, btw :)

  24. h aul, I haven't forgotten your awesome award to me, I'll post it up as i got it ready soon!

    and of course you'll survive haha

    I was a pokemon maniac too before ... yay! catchem all!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, sorry for my late reply.
    Check out my new post if you have time :)


  25. wkwkwk, aq jg demen pokeman! hahahaa

  26. HPFreaks jugak XD
    follback yach :]

  27. weleh" kok g suka durian sih??
    kan enak bgt tuh beh muanteb deh pokonya :p

  28. sy tidak akan membayangkan bang aul nyanyi dan ngedance hahaha :D

  29. wuahhh,,,, found a nice blog...
    numpang follow y,, hhehe,,,

  30. Blognya bagus. Aku follow ya ka :)

  31. aku juga Harry Potter maniac :)

  32. wah moga beres dan aman bang OSPEK nya haha

  33. wish u still alive after ospek bang... hahahaa... ospek itu indah :D hahhaha

  34. Pokemon ya, ternyata masih ada yang suka pikachu dan kawan2,. :)
    selamat berospek ria ya.. hehe

  35. matinya bellatrix agak singkat yaa


  36. I love David Archuleta too :D


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