November 04, 2012

We Cry and Smile In Unexpected Time

     Life is full of mystery. We cannot guess what will happen.
     You know, I experienced many bad things and good things this week. Many things at once. Unpredictable. Imagine this example: I was walking on a plan track, and suddenly I ended in a stalemate. I was swiming in the ocean of happiness and suddenly I ended up in a storm. I was hungry at uninhabited island and suddenly many lunch box fell down from the sky. Just like that.

     But I believe, there's ease after hardship. Happiness after sadness.
     And it's quite possible, there will be sadness after happiness too.
     Let's just enjoy everything we get and grateful for it all.

8 komentar:

  1. gak papa Aul... life emang kaya gitu.. bad and happy times. no matter what just enjoy it right?

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  2. sesudah kesulitan ada kemudahan

  3. well, after all we need a growing pain first before the next chapter or we'll 'die'

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    Herdiana Surachman

  4. setuju, setiap abis kesulitan ntar ada kebaikan dan kebahagiaan sob :D

  5. sukaaa :)
    ahh, aku jadi tersemangati
    thank AuL!


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