Februari 28, 2013

The Faculty Event & Mid Semester Test

Hello everyone!
It's a late post again and I think I don't need to say any reasons, coz I believe you already knew, right? ;)

Well, now I'm going to share about my latest activity in an event held by Student Organizations (BEM) in my faculty. It's called "Uda-Uni FKM UNAND 2013". The idea is like a selection to find "King and Queen" but in the different purpose. This Uda-Uni event was held to find a male and a female student to be the ambassadors of faculty, as the smartest and the most talented student. I was working as a comittee (panitia).

The registration

While decorating the background for photospot
I'm the boy in blue jacket.

The background is ready to use

I also design the logo/icon
Not really good, but it's not really bad, right? ^^

 The Supporters of a Contestant

The judges, the winners
The next ambassador of the faculty

While designing
You see my oily face?? ._.
(acaranya sampai malam sih.. Gak sempat mandi sore)

Many people use our background! yeah!

Okayy, that's enough, I think.
I'm really-really busy right now coz.. It's 3 days left before MID SEMESTER TEST.
OMG why... why...

But, no problem.

You know what? I have a big surprise for you in the next post.
So, be waiting ;)

Toowhit Toowhoo!!

8 komentar:

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Love your amazing blog :)


  2. Keren ya,dek acaranya...Mau deh narsis-narsis di photobooth ituh :D

  3. ini namanya foto foto sedang bercerita :D

  4. Heiiiiii:)...terimakasih untuk comment kamu di blog aku...
    Wuhuuuuu,...lagi ada event seru ya sepertinya,asikkk banget tuh!:)berasa pengen ikutan,hahaha...

    sukses selalu ya,terus berkreasi,aku perlu belajar banyak dr kamu supaya bisa punya followers sebanyak kamu,


  5. it's a pity, you're not a contestant, sir... hehehe


  6. lucu logonya. can't wait for the surprise! :)

  7. looks like you guys had fun. nice pictures

    check out my blog and followback :-)


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