Juli 10, 2013

Simple Gifts Make Me Happy

     Hello everyone. I just got this simple gifts from my sister and my mom. So my sister just came back from a hospital in Bukittinggi city (untuk praktek ko-as) and she bought me a little souvenir: a key chain! It's a mini bottle with a ship miniature in it. Not really special, actually. But as a key chain and strap lover, I think this is super cool! I love it and I love you sistaa..

You see? It's sooo beautiful and cool as well.

     And my mom also bought me some souvenirs: many chocolates and malaysian key chain. Mom knows me so well, I think. She knows that I love eating snacks almost everytime (and I can't be fat. yayness!) and she also knows that I love key chain. Horray. #Hugs

Heaven on earth. Yummy chocolates :9

Key chain (again!)

     I'm so sorry for the lack of post. I'm kinda busy here writing my 2nd novel hehehe. Wish me luck! Btw I also have a bad news about my 1st novel. You know what? I have re-read it and re-read it again and finally I realized that my 1st novel is not good enough to be published in publisher sell. The narration, the plot and the description feels so childish and messy everywhere. Moreover, the story is not original anymore, because I ever post some parts here. So I decided to publish it online and everyone can read it free. Be waiting ;)

Anyway, it's Ramadhan (islamic month) already! Alhamdulillah...
Please forgive me for all of mistakes I've done.
Minal Aidin wal faidzin!

17 komentar:

  1. Boleh dong dek dibagi2 itu souvenirnya, hehehe, apalagi yg cokelat :D

  2. nice post! great pics

    check out my blog

  3. Gracias por pasar y comentar, muy buen blog el tuyo...
    Abrazo, Germán


  4. cantiknyeeeee..... (kadonya, bukan orangnya... hehehe... orangnya mah ganteng, atuh :P)

  5. selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa di bulan suci Ramadhan,
    bila ada salah kata, salah baca, salah tulis dan salah komentar..mohon dimaafkan lahir batin...salam :-)

  6. abang gak marah kalo dikirimin satu gantungan kuncinya, hehe.. ups..

  7. bagi bagi dong coklatnya :) happy fasting aul....

    Hei Echa!

  8. semacam ngiler pagi-pagi gini ngeliat hamparan coklat

  9. happy fasting to you too :)
    Where can I read your novel online? I love reading an online book. Will you publish it on wattpad?
    You can get follower, vote, and enter the competition to get this watty award

    100% Nerd

  10. Amazing Gifts :)

    Have a nice week.


  11. Thanks for your comment!
    I realy like the boat into the bottle!


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