Desember 18, 2013

ISO-OHSAS Training

Hello everyone!
I just got some photos from the comittee of the ISO-OHSAS training lately. It was a special training for Public Health Student (Especially for my major: Occupational Safety and Environmental Health) held by my faculty. Pelatihan ini adalah salah satu (dari banyak) alasan kenapa saya sangat sibuk selama bulan november lalu dan tidak punya waktu nge-blog. hehe #SemacamKlarifikasi

And then.. Let the photos speak..

The training session
Me (the left) as one of the best 5 participants
Got a backpack as the doorprize. wohoo

The boys in the class.
We're just like a gank and I'm just like the boss, don't you think? X)))
(I'm at the middle)
With the trainer

(I'm so happy now because I have many break time for blogging :)
See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo!

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7 komentar:

  1. backpacknya keren juga.. boleh tuh lempar sini buat aku. ehehe

  2. gang boss! LOL. bitch please :P
    congrats for best 5!

  3. pelatihannya sampai kapan sob? hehe

  4. berarti sekarang gak ada alesan lagi buat gak ngeblog kan Ul ?? hahahahaha

  5. hadiah tasnya apik juga......boleh didong di kirim ke makassar :-)


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