Januari 18, 2012

I don't really need you. Coz I'm Blue..

Hello everyone. Hello my normal days. Yes people. I've went on to study on campus again, as usual. Kinda annoying, I think. But it's not a big problem anymore. I'll be able to handle it well. And everything will be better. right? :)

At the last day of holiday, I finally decided to go to the beach: Enjoying the remnants of happiness by as much as possible without being missed. I [don't know why] always love beach. forever? Perhaps. Especially if the beach is not dirty. hehe.

And there is no happiness without the narcissist photos!

I wore my Batman-blue-Tshirt, sleeveless jacket, Eiger sandals, silver guitar necklace.
I also wore Daddy's old black glasses because it was a very hot and dazzled afternoon. 

So sorry for not-really-good-quality-photos. I only have a mobile for taking photos. Just wish someday there will be a miracle happens. a camera fall down from the sky in front of my home. hehehe :)

Have a great normal days, everyone.
See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo..!

27 komentar:

  1. hayooo
    pasir yang difoto bekas apaan??? :-D

  2. Yes...I like blue color, But I'm not Blue. Moreover blue movie. (LOL) Hehehehe

  3. hari terakhir libur? Gua malah baru mau mulai, 2 bulan lagi. Aowkwkwkwok

  4. Mantap kaka lautnya.
    apa lagi kalau ditemenin someone tuh.
    kan bisa ikut cuci mata sy.hha

  5. itu fotonya pas rapat kemaren kah? bajunya sama u.u

  6. suit suiit.. gaya bener deh aah. keren si aul ini, tapi gayanya nggak berubah ya.. hahahaha..

    akhirnya kamu bisa liburan juga!

  7. Wuuuww, pantainya keren!!
    Dmna tu??

  8. nice photos! i like the Batman shirt. :p and wouldn't the camera break if it fell out of the sky?? LOL

  9. pantai padangkah? kok bagusan disini ya kak, hehehe

  10. Nice post,.
    your holiday is good,..

    i hv follow you,.. ^_^
    folback me please,. ^_^

  11. kayaknya lebih bagus kalo lu lebih ngeksplor foto2 alamnya deh ketimbang wajah lu doang. :P

  12. bang, fotonya dimana tuhh? keren deh XD

  13. keren fotonya... apalagi lautnya... heheheh
    salam kenal ya mas :)

  14. hahahahaha, bener2 narsis lu ya UL.. dhe kirain bakal pamer foto pantai yang menggoda iman gimna gitu.. eladalah, kok malah kamu yang mendominasi.. :)) dhe masih kalah narsis rupanya, mesti berguru dengan aUL dulu nih..

  15. great photos... and your dad vintage aviator are really timeless item...

    Hei Echa!

  16. nice


  17. fotonya lumayan bagus... apalagi kondisi awannya cerah dan mendukung

  18. Thank you so much for the beautiful compliments!
    We love your blog as well, great pictures and cute lay-out!

    See you, Nino & Christophe


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