Januari 15, 2012

The Journey Of Holiday

Hi there! Finally my holiday is almost over. I spent it with many comfortable activities. Not too special, of course. My lil brother and I went to our aunt's house near Mount Merapi, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatera. then we also visited our cousin's house near Padang Panjang city, West Sumatera, and then we played all day long with nephews.

My aunt and cousin's houses are placed on mountain and hills. We went there BY RIDING MOTORCYCLE, and I took many photos directly from the motorcycle (my lil brother drove it). Actually I wanna tell you guys all about my adventure in holiday completely. But, it was too much and boring, perhaps? So, I think some photos would tell you much better. Enjoy! :)

All photos are taken by using 2MP mobile camera. edited.
Location : Desa Merapi, Tanah Datar, Padang Panjang, Lembah Anai, Padang Pariaman.

a-half-dead-three near aunt's house
vegetables garden

the old market
This is a part of is Padang Panjang Market. It's look like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter Movie. That's why I love it.
one of my destination in this journey: buying cheap books in Padang Panjang market
burned market
Anay valley. I love the forests, rivers and those waterfall.
Padang pariaman. on the way to back home.

I really wish you guys all get the stories, even I don't tell you. LOL

This's my holiday.
How's your holiday?

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo...!

18 komentar:

  1. wah keren nih.. liburan saya juga bisa di cek di blog :D

    btw, suka sama air terjunnya.. :)

  2. di sumatera barat kan ini kak ?
    waah ..
    tp kenapa nulisnya pake bahasa inggris kak -__-
    gue susah untuk mengerti :(

  3. weh, di sumatra barat nih.. kampungnya mama saya hohoho

  4. the bookstore reminded me a same thing in my hometown in north sumatra.

  5. i wish that so, thanks anyway Aul :)
    see u soon ;)

  6. wah keren amat pemandangannya.

  7. wow, liburan moment yang paling menyenangkan ya bang. Tapi, lebih menyenangkan lagi: "...dengan siapa kita liburan..." :D

  8. liburan yang sepertinya menyenangkan. daripada sepanjang liburan tidur-tiduran dirumah *nunjuk diri sendiri*

  9. akhirnya bisa komen disni lagi.. #lega :D

    awalnya dhe kirain kamu holiday ke jawa gitu UL, desa merapi.. ee ternyata masih di padang dan sekitarnya.. liburannya seru, tapi kok cuma pamer foto doang..

  10. pemandangannya super sekali~

  11. wow alam disana masih indah banget beda bgt sama ibu kota hehehe :D

  12. daww.. no group photos? :p

  13. Semoga abis UN bisa dapet liburan seru kaya kak Aul :D

  14. fotonya aul kok gak ada keliatan di liburannya

  15. Great...jadi membuat aku kepengen liburan ke Sumatera. Pengen nyetuh rumah adat Padang. Pengen nyebur di danau Toba. Pokoknya pengen ke Sumatera.

  16. Jadi pengen ke Padang. Eh padang panas gak ya?

  17. Itu kalau malem pasti gelap ya, jalan perjalanan ke air terjun itu... :(


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