Juni 24, 2012

I'm 19 And I'm Grateful For It

Time passes by so quickly. I didn't realize it, I think. Coz I was busy with my happiness, and I was busy to get more happiness. I enjoyed my life, I enjoyed every breath I take, I enjoyed every moment, and I enjoyed every problem which I had to solve. And now, I've found that I'm 19 years old already! God, I'm grateful for everything. Alhamdulilah :)

Now, I wanna tell you all what I got at my bornday.

I was overslept that day [June 23th]. When I woke up, I didn't see Mom or Dad or others. I was alone in the home. Then I saw a little paper on the table: a message from Mom. She wrote a happy birthday greeting and left a lot of money for me [woohoo!]. hehehe

In the afternoon, I came to the Newspaper office for a meeting with young writers and reporters from some high schools. We're friends and we're in a same team. [I'm the elder and they're the juniors hehe]  :)

After meeting, I got my first surprise. A Birthday cake from the juniors!
woooohooo. I love it :')

It was unpredictable. I ever think that I will never get a birthday cake from anyone.
except my Mom or my family. LOL. But...

I got the 2nd surprise. ARGHHH!!
They're not as cute as what I think...

My face (and shirt) was covered by butter, cream and jam.
So I cleaned it soon. Lucky I brought my jacket inside ransel. But...

Awin, Intan, Ficka, Putra, Vicky, Kiki, and others trapped me up
 on the upstair of office building. I got my 3rd surprise: Flour!

It was annoying. I could not angry. I'm too kind hehe :)

The afternoon was end. Beautiful twilight..
We decided to go to the KFC store (near the office) for having some ice cream.

SinggalangSMS crew [for the cake, butter-cream scrubs, flour war and KFC time.
Thanks to Wanda for the camera & photos. You save my blog!
Thanks to all of people who send me birthday greetings, prays and wishes
in SMS, Email, blog,Twitter, old Facebook, new Facebook, directly, etc.
The last, Thanks to all of you who read this blog :)

34 komentar:

  1. happy birthday Aul.
    may you have a blast!


  2. happy birthday sesepuh!!!!

    semoga panjang umur dan makin cinta dengan crews :D

    gimana surprise nya? wkwkwk :P

  3. hwahahah... aul gelimpangan kena tepung...
    asyik tuh temen-temenmu.
    keseruan ultah nggak hanya di sweet 17 kan, tapi malah sweet nineteen lebih seru...
    semoga kamu semakin bisa mengekspresikan hidup kamu ya....

  4. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  5. waaa..hepi besday..kasian tuh kenya di taruh wajah ya? seumur2 dikerkain pas ultah hanya sekali dan semuga gak ada lagi deh yg ngerjain..asli pengen kesal lho..hehehe

    oya, kuenya.... KAYAKNYA ENAKKKK!!! hihihi

    cieeee header baru nih kayaknya :p

  7. wow hepi bertdai brader..!


  8. Selamat ulang tahun sobat semoga panjang umur dan sukses dengan apa yg di cita2 kan

  9. happy birthday ya bang aul (maap telat) :D
    semoga apa yang diinginkan tercapai (‾ʃƪ‾)

  10. where's your GA? You should make a GA, booooy... --> selfish, yeah? :P



  11. happy many return kak aul, wish all the best for you :D
    berarti di 'about me' nya udah bukan 18 years old lagi ya, buruan ganti kak :p *nyuruh*
    eniwei, kok ganteng ya xD

  12. selamat ulang tahuun~~~
    pas ultah ke 19 juga sama nih aku dikerjain abis-abisan, bercampur terigu dan air warna -_-

    tapi seru kan yaaaa =D

  13. Your friends are so much fun! Happy Birthday! I'm approaching the same age as well ( in November) I totally now about what you mean it coming really spontaneously! Inshallah you have as much fun on all your birthdays!

  14. happy birthday :) wish you all the best :))

  15. happy birthday aul, wish u all the best.
    19 years is the beginning of everything :)
    nice to know you in this moment :)

  16. selamat ulang tahun ya sob. wish you luck, wish you all the best. keep blogging sob. sukses selalu :) (Y)

  17. Great cake, funny pictutres!
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  18. Cieee yg habis ultah, hahaha. Seru amat tuh kayaknya ;)
    Congratulation on your b'day!! :D

  19. happy late birthday:)

    I read that you have online magz, and I've visited it. And I've been thinking to make one, one day. You should open some column for reader to share their fashion styling photos, editorial features;) so it looks more like a whole section of magz:3 hehe, that's my (idea) present for you:) I hope you consider it, and hopefully I could contribute later \(^0^)/

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw, salam kenal, yoroshiku ne^^

  20. You are so lucky to have your birthday surprise. I never had one. Hihihi. Btw, Happy belated birthday. May Allah bless you :)

  21. bang aul ada award yah ^_^


  22. wah dikerjain nih namanya. hehhe met ultah ya. moga sukses terus

  23. Happy birthday Aul. Semoga panjang umur dan sukses kuliahnya. Lengkap sudah penderitaanmu Aul. Tapi perayaan yang sangat meriah sekali. Senangnya banyak teman yang masih peduli.

  24. baru sempat baca blog mu bang, hahaha aku jadi ikut TERKENAL, karna fotoku terpampang di blog The Wonderful Aul Howler hahaha lebay yah :D nice birthday party bang

  25. Selamat hari lahir yaa
    Maaf baru baca karena ini juga kunjungan pertama saya ^^
    Salam kenal

  26. wah gw ketinggalan ada yang mandi tepung di sini. happy milad brother meski udah telat

  27. Selamat ulang tahun ya, hihihi...
    Masih 19 to... :D


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