Oktober 15, 2012

Bye Bye UTS

     Finally the Mid Semester Test (UTS) in my faculty was over. (breathing in relief). Yeahh yeaahh yeahhh! That was exhausting, you know? I was tired of studying for exams rapidly. I was sick of memorizing so many health and medical theories. I was crazy of answering hundreds questions..

     Bye-Bye UTS. I will forget you and how annoying you are... Well, I'd tried to do my best for you. (I guess I'll get some "B". And I guess I'll get some "C" or "D" too. hehehe) So, I don't need to remember which questions I couldn't answer. Coz it will makes me throwing up, YAKKS!!

     By the way, last night I got an email from a the talented illustrator, bang Devlin. He sent me a self-drawing! Woohoo! A huge mood booster :) Thank you Bang Devlin!
This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
I could not hide my smile everytime I see this.
happy & proud

 See you in the next post!
I've been preparing an event for this blog. Be waiting! :)
Toowhit Toowhoo!!

14 komentar:

  1. wish your result will great bang !!!
    hoho...long time no here
    will wait ur event :D

  2. Bwahaha... D bukanlah bencana. Saya pernah dapat yang lebih parah *ehhh

  3. ini enaknya masa sekolah habis ujian ada istirahatnya.. coba kerja habis selesai satu masih ada 3 lagi menanti... jadi iri nih mau cekolah lagi ah...

  4. belum UTS nih,masih lama tp paling down kalau udah dapat soalnya Statistik itu rasa keringat dingin badan #hadeh

  5. Seperti kisah Harry poter saja :)

  6. mantaplah... gue aje baru mau mulai UTS nih

  7. moga dapat hasil terbaik ya ul,,,,

  8. Just like who you are :)
    I like that pict too. Btw, ur UTS come soonly than mine fiuhhhh...gambarnya kan bisa dijadiin favicon, buat blog ini biar komplit :D

  9. cie yang mau jadi calon dokter... :P

  10. aku juga tiap abis ujian males banget mikirin mana yang salah, etc. mending santai dulu supaya otak bisa relax baru dapet "surprise"nya belakangan, hahaha :D btw, semoga hasilnya baik ya, aul :)

  11. Ahhhh pasti numpang photo doang di perpus

  12. wah, gue baru mau mulai UTS lagi .. TIDAKK

  13. semoga sukses UTS nya :)


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