Oktober 24, 2012

24 hours per a day are not enough. I need 1 or 2 hours more!

     Just a quick post
     Please don't be angry at me, friends. It's become so hard for me to update this awesome (:p) blog since I'm getting a lot of activities. GRR! honestly I'm tired of complaining. In other side, I wanna blame someone and kick his ass for making me very busy. But I could not do that, because there's nothing / nobody to be blamed. I wish I could kick my ass by my self -_-
     So, yeah. I got a free time for a hour now. I came late to the class this morning and then the lecturer [dosen] doesn't allow me to join the class. Thanks Mrs. teacher Mrs. lecturer, you save my blog from the dark hahaha...
      Student nowadays...

     Let's skip that unimportant part...

     Some days ago, some classmates asked me to have a lunch together. I was just like "heyy, that's a seldom thing, right?" coz I usualy have a lunch alone, or together with Nando & oddy only. But they said, "We treat. We'll pay your lunch, Aul". Finally I didn't have any reason to reject it. Free food sounds good.
    It turns out they gave me a surprise. a birthday cake! That's shocking. I told them that my birthday is at june 23. NOT October. That means it's 4 months after my birthday. Then, they said that they never got chance to celebrate my birthday because they were busy just like me. Oh, well. I totally understood, of course. We got the same... #smirk

    OMG. this year is full of cake. I got so many birthday cake from friends... #SuperHappy

     I actually didn't remember to take any photos of that afternoon. So, thank you so much to Dian for sending me this pic from her blackberry. (Nobody brought camera). we know that the quality of photos is not good if we use bb. But the most important think is : she save my blog from boredom. LOL :))

     I didn't mean to be a lazy blogger. I was just... *trying to find ideas*....... oh. let's forget it!
     blogger nowadays...


See you in the next post!

16 komentar:

  1. Senangnya dapat kue, bagi bagi donk Aul Hehehe

  2. lho lho lho, ada yg ultah toh? kok gak bagi2 kue nya sih??

  3. even your birthday has past they still celebrate, what a friend! :D
    huaaa, you must be happy have friends like them..

  4. woww... temen2nya baik banget yahh.. walopun udah jauh kelewat tetep dikasih sureprise gitu.
    pastinya kak aul sureprise banget itu! hihi congatz yaa^^

  5. well, happy birthday bang Aul for the second time this year :P
    I think it must be celebrate every year Bang :D And don't forget to invite your neighbour!

  6. cieh bang....bagi-bagi kek kue-nya, hoho
    walaupun super telat, sy ucapin happy b'day lagi nih bang hoho

  7. hahaha... just seen a birthday which is celebrated few months afteh the real.... LoL

    anyway, i really wanna know and see you kick your ass.... so curious. :P

  8. hahahah

    teman nya aul baek2 ya,,,,

  9. Ahhh bukan rainbow cake, gak keceh ah

  10. waah Aul, Happy birthday yah. .:D
    bagi2 kuenya donk :D

  11. walau telat,happy birthday deh semoga dengan bertambah'a umur makin dewasa,rejeki lancar & jodoh makin banyak #gubrak :)

  12. it's been very long time, it's nice surprise, though.

  13. it's too late but happy birth day aull. well i wanna save my blog too LOL!! :D

  14. wah, cute surprise ya, aul :)) meski pakai bb yang paling penting kan moment bahagianya kena captured. iya gak? ;)


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