Oktober 25, 2013

I'm Free! But..

Well, Hi.
My mid semester test already over. Gosshh I'm so relieved. I miss my free time when I could stay at home, laying in front of TV with snacks and juice. I miss my free time when I could sleep all day long, wearing a warm blankets while it was raining heavily outside. I miss my tea time. And I really really miss the beach.

But I may have to be patient for my free time. Coz now I'm having a lot of deadlines. I'm joining some writing competition, you know. wish me luck! hehehehe.

By the way, anyone here knows Boyce Avenue?
I'm currently watching and listening to his covers again and again. His voice is totally awesome, and moreover he picked another awesome cover-singer, sometimes. I'm his new fan!

See you soon!
Toowhit toowhoo~

5 komentar:

  1. kalo gw dulu kelar mid test langsung pusing gimana nasib ujian semesteran berikutnya... hahahaha

  2. duh duh.. kalo si aa' aa' boiz avenyu' (yg unyu' unyu' itu), uda jadi idola(buat didengerin suaranya) sejak kemarin2 ul :p #they'r d'best one from all the cover's singer#

    eike sibuk ngurusin teman2 yg pada nikahal ul.. padahal ndirinya belum T.T #haha

    WISH U LUCK BOY! Godblessyu

  3. kalo saya abis mid test langsung pergi berlibur ke pantai atau gunung ... refresh otak sebelum menempuh ujian lagi berikutnya..

    Boyce Evenue udah akrab di telinga sejak tahun 2009, sejak mereka meng-cover lagunya Lifehouse yang judulnya You And Me

    Keep learning bro ... moga menang di kontes writing nya

  4. ah, saya tetep setia sama suara si loli kano :3
    by the way, good luck ya buat kontesnya :)


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