Mei 05, 2014

Photoset: Going Vintage

It have been a week since my last post, right? So I'm going to have a KKN Journey this June. And I got so many preparations before that momment, you know. Daily meeting, daily visit to the village every saturday and sunday, collecting this and that, sending this and that, etc. So, yes. Super sorry for the lack of post.

Anyway, I just realised that I'm currently addicted to vintage photos. It's like something old.. or antique.. or classic.. or oldschool.. or something like that. Search 'vintage' on google if you want to know more about it. And hey I also just realised that most of photos in my Instagram account got vintage touch. Here are some:

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12 komentar:

  1. gak pake instagram,

    bagi ku fb sama blogger saja sudah cukup......

    sukses ya aul....

  2. me too kind of love vintage keke

  3. i love vintage effect as well, keliatan klasik2 gimana gitu hehehe

  4. muke loe lama2 juga keliatan vintage aul. hahahaha

  5. HALO! hihihi haaaaay abang! Its been a loooooooong time sejak terakhir main ke sini. Good luck buat KKNnya. Oiya, itu gitar pinjem-able nggak? :p

  6. Selamat berjuang buat KKN-nya :D

    Foto vintagenya bagus-bagus euy ^^

  7. Foto kedua terakhir dimana kah itu lokasinya?...bagus.

  8. Sama, aku juga suka vintage! Hehe....

    Wah, jadi inget masa-masa KKN dulu. Masa-masa yang sangat menyenangkan.... :D

  9. kok udah KKN? cupet banget kuliahnya?

    aku pengen kopinya...

  10. Widih sukses KKN nya broh. Semoga apa yang lo kerjain bisa bermanfaat buat semuanya.
    VIntage tuh aliran foto apa begimana broh

  11. Hmm, tau gak sampe skrg gw gak ngerti instagram, haha... gambar terakhirnya bikin gw hausss.. sial.

  12. Cerita dan gambar yang bagus
    senang berkunjung di blog Anda


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