Mei 12, 2014

Photoset: Tea Garden, Solok

As I ever told you in the previous post, I've been in the preparation phase for KKN called Pra-KKN this month. Last week my team and I visited the village for the first time and wow. The place is very beautiful. There are many tea plantations there. Tea Garden. Naturally awesome. We decided to stop and dropping by for taking some photos. Here are some:

I love this pic!
My new friends's shoes are cool. haha

It was a very nice experience. So refreshing. So relaxing. Since I live in a busy-noisy-dirty-ugly city which is filled by polution and rubbish and smog and building. I'm gonna visit this place more often next month coz all of my KKN activities will be done not far from this place. Yay. I'm a lucky human.
See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

18 komentar:

  1. di Lumajang juga ada kebun teh, lain kali mampir yuk ke Lumajang, ehehe

  2. ooo kebun teh itu didaerah solok rupanya, Waktu itu sempat mikir dimana ya dipadang ada kebun teh? ternyata didaerah solok. Keren euy

  3. Waah fotonya bagus2 banget!! Pake efek apa tuuuh? Keren :D

  4. Kebun tehh, pengen coba skali2 kesana
    Malah jadi inget iklan ulet2 gempal yg doyan pucuk tp gak kesampean =))

  5. lovely pictures in your inspiring blog :)


  6. Nice pic, I love such beautiful landscape :)

  7. Sejuk banget ya di kebun teh :D

  8. Benar-benar beruntung Sob bisa menikmati pemandangan indah kayak gitu.... KKN nya besok pasti bakalan menyenangkan :)

  9. beeeeaaauuutiful tea gardeen :D

  10. luar biasa alamnya,,,tidak ada polusi. bersih. dan menyehatakn jantung.

  11. fotonya bikin mupeng, pengen ke sana juga :)

  12. the place looks beautiful, magical even.



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