Februari 20, 2012

It's Like.. I was busy last week

      Hello. Is it too late for updating? I hope no, coz I'm sure no one cares, moreover waiting for it. lol. Yeah. If you are a conscientious, you'll realize that I usually update this blog in the midweek or weekend. And now is monday. I mean, MONster DAY. [People in trending topics of twitter said that ^^;] hihihi...

source: http://animalswallpaper.info/wallpaper/white-owl-wallpaper/
    Well, I was kinda busy last week. My lecture schedule became irregular, because the professors were unable to attend the class [some times]. I ever spent a full day in the faculty just for waiting for a Microbiology or Anatomy class began. The class itself was no longer than 2 hours. Annoying, huh? And I couldn't blogging while waiting, because the wireless connection was in the trouble. Lucky, The technicians had repair it yesterday, and now you're reading this blog post. lol.

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     I was in the trouble too, in arranging lecture materials. You know, mid test of 2nd semester is gonna be held soon [makes me wanna throw up--as usual] and I should prepare it well. Or I'll get a worse "IP" [a kind of grades] again. How uncool. So, I'm sorry for late replying your comments, visiting your blog back, etc. I'll do it now, okay! [Because the wireless connection is already repaired]. yay

source : http://funnyandawesome.tumblr.com/post/8221097265
See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

13 komentar:

  1. jujur saya ngak begitu ngerti bahasa inggris...tapi dikit2 ngerti maksudnya?
    Jurusan apa? Mikrobiologi, kedokteran, atau perawat?

    I LIke your last picture..funny

  2. Honestly I'm waiting for your post, bang _-_

  3. satu pertanyaan UL.. kenapa tiap kamu hendak atau sedang hiatus, selalu nampilin burung hantu?? emang ada filosofinya yaa??

  4. yang penting tetap semangat dan jaga kesehatan ya

  5. Wah kayaknya sibuk amat ya di fakultas-nya. Tapi belajar harus diutamakan sob.

  6. Suka berkunjung kesini meski agak telat sih, ceritanya original banget, gak dibuat-buat. jadi ngerti keseharian Aul ngapain aja. yah semoga laptopnya tidak terjadi apa-apa lagi dan selamat berprestasi dan belajar untuk menghadapi mid-test yang akan datang.

  7. gak apa sibuk sudah bisa dimaklumin biasa mahasiswa mah pasti banyak kegiatan atau tugas hehe


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