Februari 08, 2012

It's A Simple Reunion!

   Hello. Some days ago I was invited to come in a reunion. It was organized by my classmates from high school time. Soo, it was supposed to be attended by 32 members. But unlucky, it was raining when the reunion was held. So there were 10 members only who came. It's okay...

I just wore my long sleeve black-white shirt, skinny jeans, black-brownish leather bracelet.
And oh, my new Motix America shoes. (thanks to nando. he took these pics for me)

   You know. The reunion was fun even if the members were not complete. But I got an AWKWARD MOMMENT because I was the one and only boy there. Yup, I was the most handsome  boy, with 9 girls around me. Can you imagine that? It's like you are the idol and they were your big fans. LOL. hehehehehe....

   Okay, I won't tell you guys all how freak we are, the alien species what we did there. Okay, I will. [eh..] We spent the day with jokes, laughing over loud ( I think we were disturbing others ), telling many funny moment  when we were in the same class, and sharing about our new environment in faculties. And after too much haha-hihi, foods and snacks (I always love KFC's Colonel Cundae Ice Cream) we went home. that's all. Simple reunion, right?

See you in the next post.
Toowhit toowhoo..!

22 komentar:

  1. reunion is always good, fun and cheers up the day. I believe that you looked like a handsome prince around the princess? or ......?? hehe

    nice pictures Aul! thanks for share. :)

  2. mending 10 orang, kalo aku reunian sekelas cuma 8 orang bang -_-

  3. Walah narsise rek.. ^^
    Jadi fashion blogger yah Aul? Hihihi... :D


    I'm waiting for you on my blog!



  5. Cieee... reunian... cieee...
    nggak ngajak-ngajak nih? *lah

    itu cewek semua bang? Atau reuni khusus cewek? *eh

    1. kyaknya sih reunian khusus cewek :p *peace

  6. ciyeee~
    temennya kok cewek smuaaa :D

  7. Whatever you wear definitely cool. Moreover, you are one guy among the nine girls. Oh ..... really happy surrounded by beautiful girls. I like your style.

  8. yea~rite. but wait, why u always turning ur face to the left or right while the camera capturing u? i can imagine how awkward those moment was, lol

  9. pasti seru ya ketemu temen2 lama :D kebanyakan cewe yg dtg asik tuh heehe

  10. makan duren yaaaaaaaaahhhh?

  11. eh aul, bagusan kalo tuh kemeja kamu buka aja deh.. kamu kan pake kaos dalem. eheheh..

  12. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  13. itu cewek semua bang yang dateng? :o

  14. muahahaha paling ganteng :p miris bang cuma 10 yg datang -__- tapi enak juga jadi aling ganteng #eh

  15. wahaww.. satu lawan sembilan??

  16. hahaha
    seem u have a great moment there :D
    kaya juragan minyak ya, punya banyak selir.

  17. Waah, berasa artis ya dek kalo kayak gitu :D
    tapi seru lho kalo uda ketemu temen lama, rasa canggung meskipun cowok sendiri ilang kalo uda ketawa ngakak sama mereka :)


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