April 13, 2012

Too Bad! Too Bad!

     Hello everyone. So sorry for late posting. I actually would update this blog 2 days ago. But what we plan to do is not always running smooth as what we hope, right?
     yep, I was decorating bulletin board at the Campus when earthquake happened. It was the first earthquake of the year, perhaps. Nobody thought it would happen. Shocking. wow.. You know, Sumatera island has history of many big earthquakes in Indonesia. It happens almost every year in Sumatera, especially at "Aceh" and "West Sumatera" regions. And... the earthquake 2 days ago made the wireless connection at my campus in the trouble. That's why I'm late to update this blog. Too bad!
     Another problem. Cobie-kun's (My phone's name) Camera was error since last week! Guess what? I could not take photos as usual. I could not take nature photos, my self photos, or random thing photos or my self photos or... my self photos! Urrgghhh... as a narcissistic-man, could not taking self portrait made me really sick! Too Bad! Too Bad! :))

Now, I try to save my money as much as I can.
I wish I could buy a new camera this month.
Wish me luck, everyone!
See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo...!

7 komentar:

  1. hmm.. Sorry to hear that :(
    how could?? and,, what about the new phone?? maybe, you still can take photos with it :)

    # Btw, do you make the animation by your self, Aul?

  2. moga segera bisa beli deh kameranya ya.

  3. How are you? apakah kamu tidak apa-apa dengan gempa kemarin? Semoga Aul dan keluarga baik-baik saja di sana.

    Soal kamera semoga bisa kesampaian membeli kamera baru, dan bisa lebih berkreasi lagi.

  4. Amiinn!! Semoga bisa beli kamera! :'D

  5. no worries Aul.. the replacing pict of you (emoticon) are perfect tuh.... Hope the wishes camera could be in your hand soon yaaa.... :)
    btw, are you also in Sumatera?

  6. aul! wish cobie-kun get better soon, michael (my phone's name) will pray for him,


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