Juli 12, 2012

Me & One Of My Secret Projects

     Hello I'm back! As what I told you in the latest post, I was busy with my [secret] projects. Now, I'm gonna tell you one of them. The greatest one, perhaps. hehe. Uhm, let's start with some random questions first. [ From Bang Urkhan founder of http://urkhanblog.com]
"Kalian punya impian kan?"

     Well, I have a large number of dreams. I could not write all of them one by one here, but I think it will be nice if I write one, here in this blog. It's so simple but great: I really want to write books. Novels or Stories or Kids Fairytales or others. Imagining my books are placed in every book store on the earth makes me... I don't know..  WOWW!!
"Bagaimana caranya kalian capai mimpi kalian itu?"

     Actually, I have been trying to realize my ambition to write a book since I was 15 years old. I'd do many things. The last thing I do [until now, which is not ready yet] is finishing my drafts. I decided to pick July 30 as my deadline and I wish my draft will be finish perfectly before the deadline. I'm planning to send my draft to publisher at August and I wish my book will be released and published before December. This is what I mean about my secret project. Or maybe this is not a secret anymore, Coz I tell it to all of people everywhere in twitter too [I think by sharing that, I'll get many support and spirit, Which would help me to be not-lazy. LOL]

       Please-please-please wish me luck. So everything will run smooth as my plans and I hope this would not be my dream anymore, but will become true. Amiiin :) Btw I registered this post to #UrkhanFirstGiveaway. Wish me win and get the gift too. [a book!] LOL :D
See you int the next post!

Some days ago, Awin (aliviaawin.com) said that I got this award. yay.

I'll give this award to everyone who has been writing too. Good luck for your writing-project too! :)

28 komentar:

  1. yey, ditunggu dah secret projectnya... good luck ya aul

  2. Semoga tercapai cita-citanya. Amien.

  3. well, i don't know what will i say.. :D

  4. it seems that u've already study the site I told you ?? :D
    * Which would help me to be not-lazy :(
    * Which would help me not to be lazy ;)

  5. sekarang bukan secret project lagi dong :) good luck ya aUL :)

  6. Uwoo.. aamiin semoga desember udah bisa nemu buku bang aul di gramedia :D

  7. moga tercapai ya keinginannya. semangaat

  8. Kalo mimpiku bisa dituker uang, uda kaya nih hahaha banyak banget mimpinya ^^ Smoga mimpi2 kita ga cuma jadi mimpi yaa.. Cemungud cemungud eaaa :D

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  9. Semoga kesuksesan selalu menyertai sobat

  10. dan itu juga project aku yang blum selesai juga dari taun kapan >.<"

    *beresin draft*
    ayok semangaaaat~~~

  11. Nice story. Aku baru mulai ngeblogspot. Kapan2 mampir yaa di rizqaofficial.blogspot.com
    Butuh bimbingan :)

  12. nice trick laa, kdg dukungan dr banyak org memang bnr2 bekerja! jd ayo wujudin projectmu ya ^^

  13. Bravo Aul! Humans want to read your book!

  14. mr.obama gantenng yaa hehehehe :D
    ga bermutu banget ya komen gua :D

  15. Semangat!
    Semoga bukunya bisa diterbitkan :D

  16. hebat.. keep it your dream! wish come true.
    tetep berjuang yang penting, karena dream withou action = nothing

  17. different with you, i'm waiting the report of my book... pray for me, yeah, if it will be published.

    and good luck for you...

  18. amin amin amiiiin.. dont ever we stop till our dream come true.. cemunguuuuuuuuuuuuudhhhhhh

  19. Best luck for you friend, I'm waiting your book published

  20. Smangat, Aul :D
    Smoga bisa cepet jadi bukunya..
    Klo udah punyak buku, tetep nge-blogging, ya ^^

  21. yaha, semoga bisa terlaksana dah buku lo tersebuar di toko buku seluruh dunia . . amin :D

  22. amin, semoga lo bisa jadi penulis beneran, dan buku ada di seluruh toko buku dunia .. gue doain coy. . hhe

  23. godd luck and good luck for you ;)

    Herdiana Surachman

  24. waaah anak satu ini belum balik rupanya. okelah..

  25. Asssiikk yang menang GA. Congrast bang ^_^


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