Maret 07, 2015

Style : The New Snapback

Hello everyone.
I'm so happy and free lately, since I already finished my insternship and all assignments. There's only undergraduate-thesis left and no more class or assignments. Unfortunately, I think I'm not in the good mood to finish my thesis quickly. Being a last year student is tiring, you know. I need more air to breath and bigger space to lay down. I know it sounds wrong, but hey lemme choose my own way to do it. Don't worry about it, I promise you I'll work harder. But not this time. Maybe next week or next month hehe

Btw I just bought a new snapback in super cheap price at a shop near my friend's house.
I like it

18 komentar:

  1. ya ampyun...kece badai banget aul... :)

  2. :D ketawa baca komen Kakak yang di atas: Aul kece badai banget....

  3. Kalau menurut saya lebih baik kaosnya polos terus pake leather jacket/blazer gitu biar tambah kece XD
    Soalnya kalau kaosnya ada tulisannya lagi kesannya terlalu ramai, ehehe ^^v

  4. Balasan
    1. thanks maaan

      long time no see ya
      too busy on melbourne, huh?

  5. ih coba tas kulit bisa digituin yah suka sama font nya

  6. Ketjeh gituh punya patjal enggak? Ahahahah.. :P

  7. hahahaha, aku mau komen tapi udah ketawa duluan sama komen di atas ini. yauda ga jadi deh. hahaha.

  8. Suka banget sama topinya, pengen dong aul? hahaha


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