Agustus 30, 2012

After A Long Holiday

     Hello everyone! So sorry for lack of update. The first day after a long holiday is always unexpectable, right? We guess we already do all of the things we must do, and then we found out that we didn't do some. Or, we get so many new things to do in a short time--it spend all day long--and then we have to postpone other things. This is happening to me too. hehe..

    Now, I wanna share some pics related to my holiday :)

      Me + my family + my aunt's family + my cousin's family visited Singkarak lake and a waterpark not too far from my cousin's house. There are so many photos in my flash disk but I'm not sure to post all of 'em here in my blog. It would make this blog loading longer and longer, right? The photos above are enough to tell you guys all how happy I am. I enjoyed my long holiday :)

     Campus day is waiting... Ouch!

See you in the next post! I will update this blog more often, I think ^^
Toowhit Toowhoo!

Agustus 18, 2012

Recovered. Get Ready For Holiday!

     Hello everyone. In the last post I told you that I got fever right? Now, I've recovered. No more fever or other disease. I can do my activities again, as usual. Horray! hehehe. Thank you so much for your wishes, suggestions, and compliments [for my drawings. LOL]. I really appreciate it. you guys all are so kind! thank you thank you. hehehe..

     So, yesterday I asked Nando [my friend. best friend, maybe] to accompany me to the City Park. We spend the afternoon for refreshing after campus time. And, we did a little fashion-post-photoshoot too! He's not a photographer, actually. But no problem, he could be my tripod [again]. hahahaha. [He'll kill me if he read this post]. Here are some photos we got yesterday. I did experiment [by click-click randomly] with photoshop to edit it and I'm not sure with the result. What do you think? amazing, uhm? [ngarepp]..

Agustus 12, 2012

Got Fever After The 1st Week At Campus

      Having too many meetings and too many classes in the first week after a long holiday makes me sick. So tired and tired. I'm sure that last week I was still in a good condition, good mood, high spirit, and happy all day long. But, yeah. Many things happened [Saya punya banyak kegiatan juga selain kuliah] and I didn't get enough rest, coz I always late to go home. The next morning, I came late to the campus. And in the afternoon, I would be be sleepy in the classroom. Everyday. since last monday...

    Yes. I'm sick now. Maybe fever. I feel hot inside and cold outside, eventhough under the hottest sunlight. I feel not good, everything feels strange. What a not cool feeling...

See you soon in the better situation!

Agustus 06, 2012

Back To Campus

Just a quick update:
     My holiday is over. When you read this post, I'd be sitting on the chair in the class, paying attention for lecture. However, It's fun. I think I'm bored of too long holiday. No friends and no money [My parents will give me money only when I go to campus. Staying at home means strapped. Cannot buy anything. URGH!] hehehe...