Maret 27, 2012

Biar Getir Mengalir [bersama butir-butir air]

      Kau tahu. Kadang pelangi tak selalu bersama ketujuh warnanya--setidaknya [di setiap] ketika hujan telah lelah turun-- dan menghilangkan gundah ratusan pasang mata di belakang jendela-jendela. Ya. Kadang ia kehilangan biru di antara mega-mega kelabu yang riang melayang-layang di celah-celah langit sore [pun terkadang ia mencari-cari keberadaan ungu] di antara butir-butir air. Lalu getir, merasa ada yang berbeda [tak seperti biasanya] ia tak tahu.
     Kau lihat. bumi yang bulat masih ingin dibasahi, kala seniman-seniman jejak di jalan-jalan setapak bersorak--berharap tetes demi tetes rindu dari langit berhenti membuat riak [di genangan-genangan cinta. terabaikan. begitu saja] mengaharu biru dalam ragu. Andai waktu [bisa dibalik] bagai lembar-lembar dalam buku,  tentu aku [dan kamu] bisa tahu lebih dulu. Lalu getir, biar saja mengalir.

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Maret 25, 2012

F.A.Q - Any Questions?

      Hello Everyone. I just realized: there are soo many questions (similar and different) submitted by all of you in the comment form, cbox, e-mail and SMS. And I also realized that I never answered (except via email and SMS). Gosh! How arrogant I am...
     I didn't mean to be arrogant. Seriously. I just confused to answer all of questions, coz some questions were private and I could not answer them, of course. hehehe. But finally, I decided to create a special post (or page) to answer many similar questions / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

     Prepare a cup of tea or some snacks. Coz It's gonna be a very loooooong post!
Here we go!

Q: Is AUL HOWLER really your name?
     Aul is part of my birth name. and Howler is not my birth name. Yes, Aul Howler is my pseudonym as a writer. ( in indonesia we call it: Nama Pena).

Maret 22, 2012

Aul Should Pick One Of These Hair styles

 Hello Humans. I'm Izzue.
If this is the first time you see me, please read my previous stories.
Now, I'm gonna tell you my opinion About Aul's geeky hair.

 You see? his hair is really really geeky.
[Serius! gaya rambutnya culun banget!]

Aul.. why are you so nerd?
Aul.. why is your hairstyle geeky?

Well, If I may suggest, he should pick a better hairstyle.
Because I see many hairstyles on this planet.
Many variations, which are cool and trendy.

Here I show you some:

Maret 18, 2012

Aloha! Missing me?

      Hello everyone! I'm back! Actually the Mid test ended about two days ago. but you know, I felt so tired after two weeks facing war. I need to take a rest to keep alive. So, I'm sorry for too late coming back. Wish you're not angry at me :) [Emang ada gitu yang nungguin saya update lagi? wkwk]

Maret 04, 2012

I Am Not Alone..

      Hello everyone. How are you? I'm fine here -before you ask me back- LOL. Finally, The Mid Semester Test is coming. It will be started from tomorrow until March 15th. So, I think I'll be soo busy in preparing it. OMG. I still remember how hard the preparation I did last Desember, and I should do it again, tomorrow... ARGHH!!

I really wish, everything will run smooth and I get the satisfying results. Amiin...
Now, what about some fashion photos?