July 31, 2012

The BUKBAR of Singgalang Newspaper Junior-Writers-and-Reporters Crew

     Hello everyone. I'm so sorry for late [lagi-lagi] updating this blog. I was kidnapped by Professor Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall in order to teach me how to kill Lord Voldemort's child. LOL :))) Noo noo. Just a joke. You must be boring reading this reason but that's the fact: I was busy. alsways busy. I got many activities. And When I didn't, I always love to sleep. hehehe [peace].

     Back to the blogpost. Some days ago, I attended a meeting in Singgalang Junior Crew. As usual [Yang rajin baca blog ini pasti tau. hehe], we discuss many things like themes, redactionals, info, etc for the next edition of our pages in Singgalang Newspaper. And because of that day was still in the fasting month, we visited "Ayam Tulang Lunak Hayam Wuruk" resto for 'Bukbar' [buka bareng] after the meeting. So much fun!

 The talented junior writers and reporters.
I'm the oldest! They sometimes call me 'sesepuh'.
Makes me like 90 years old, eventhough actually I'm 19.

Our Boss, Bang Eriandi. He's a super friendly senior Reporter.

 Gantengnya semena-mena..
Oooops! Hahaha [Dikeroyok pembaca] *kabur*

Photos by Wanda and Putra.

     Eventhough I couldn't write articles in our pages on Newspaper anymore (only junior high school student allowed), I'm so happy being part of this crew (boss's assistant, maybe.  hehe). All members are friendly, kind (they gave me surprise in my birthday, remember?), and younger of course. LOL. But I think that's not a problem because I'm childish. Match! hahaha :D

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

July 23, 2012

I'm here and I'm Relieved

     Hello everyone. So, here I am. The boy-who-relieved. lol. Yup. I ever told you here that some days ago I got so much thoughts to think. I was busy in the silent mode, especially in my mind. Stress. Then I realized that I should not push my self if I want to. In the end, I tried to enjoy doing everything without too much thinking. And now, I'm so relieved knowing that I've done a lot of things. Aaand you guys all are the best advisors behind me [through your amazing comments]. Thank you! :)

     Long time no post self photos, anyway. hehehe. Let's hurt the stylish people's eyes with a mess..!

      I'm wearing an unidentified shirt (or blazer, but: no long sleeve). lol. I found it in my dad's old collection (in his closet). He said that these-blue-thing is one of his uniform when he was at my age. OMG it was from the dino-era. lol :))) I'm also wearing a random red printed T-shirt, owl-shapes clock-necklace. And for more old touch, I borrowed Dad's old glasses + his old sandals. hahaha XD

     Ini sebenarnya agak norak-norak kamseupay gitu ya. Mau gimana lagi. saya sedang sangat-sangat senang dan tanpa sadar sudah memakai apa saja yang saya lihat tanpa pikir panjang. hehe :p Sekali lagi terima kasih banyak kepada semua teman-teman yang telah membuka pikiran saya agar bisa menghadapi semuanya dengan lebih baik. I really appreciate it! :)

The last one, I wanna say
Happy Ramadhan & Happy Fasting
(untuk semua yang menjalankannya)
Please forgive me for all of mistakes I've done.

see you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo!

July 18, 2012

Nyaris Stress

Terlalu banyak tekanan.
Terlalu banyak pikiran.
Terlalu banyak beban.


Semoga semuanya tidak bertambah buruk.

July 12, 2012

Me & One Of My Secret Projects

     Hello I'm back! As what I told you in the latest post, I was busy with my [secret] projects. Now, I'm gonna tell you one of them. The greatest one, perhaps. hehe. Uhm, let's start with some random questions first. [ From Bang Urkhan, founder of http://Urkhanblog.com ]

"Kalian punya impian kan?"

     Well, I have a large number of dreams. I could not write all of them one by one here, but I think it will be nice if I write one, here in this blog. It's so simple but great: I really want to write books. Novels or Stories or Kids Fairytales or others. Imagining my books are placed in every book store on the earth makes me... I don't know..  WOWW!!
(edited) Source

"Bagaimana caranya kalian capai mimpi kalian itu?"

     Actually, I have been trying to realize my ambition to write a book since I was 15 years old. I'd do many things. The last thing I do [until now, which is not ready yet] is finishing my drafts. I decided to pick July 30 as my deadline and I wish my draft will be finish perfectly before the deadline. I'm planning to send my draft to publisher at August and I wish my book will be released and published before December. This is what I mean about my secret project. Or maybe this is not a secret anymore, Coz I tell it to all of people everywhere in twitter too [I think by sharing that, I'll get many support and spirit, Which would help me to be not-lazy. LOL]

(edited) Source
     Please-please-please wish me luck. So everything will run smooth as my plans and I hope this would not be my dream anymore, but will become true. Amiiin :) Btw I registered this post to #UrkhanFirstGiveaway. Wish me win and get the gift too. [a book!] LOL :D
See you int the next post!

Some days ago, Awin said that I got this award. yay.

I'll give this award to everyone who has been writing too. Good luck for your writing-project too! :)

July 08, 2012

Freakin Busy!!

     Oh, Hi there. When you read this, please imagine that I'm standing in front of you, yelling "I'm so sorry friends. Saya minta maaf teman-teman." Coz I'm not too active in blogging for about last thousand years. lol. some weeks, actually. I'm vey very busy doing some projects. secret projects. I'll tell you guys about (one or some of my projects) after I finish that. July 11, I guess. hehehe...


Wish me luck with my projects!

July 01, 2012

Aku. Kamu. Kita.

Oleh: Aul Howler


     Haruskah ku eja lagi dan lagi agar benakmu mengingatnya selalu? Debarmu adalah debarku. pilumu adalah piluku. bahagiamu adalah bahagiaku. sedihmu adalah sedihku. sukamu adalah sukaku. dukamu adalah dukaku. harumu adalah haruku. laramu adalah laraku. tangismu adalah tangisku. dan senyummu adalah senyumku.

Haruskah ku kisahkan lagi dan lagi agar bibirmu mengembang selalu? Saat kau sendu, aku akan di sampingmu [menemanimu]. Saat kau ragu, aku akan di sebelahmu [meyakinkanmu]. Saat kau beku, aku akan di hadapmu [mencairkanmu]. Saat kau layu, aku akan di sisimu [menguatkanmu]. Dan saat kau rindu, aku akan ada untukmu [selalu].

Padang, 1 Juli 2012
For all of my best friends and your bestfriends

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