October 28, 2011

The Sun And Night Sky In Me. Are My Eyes The Stars?

Hi Everyone!
        Well, there were lots of free time lately. And I tried to use it as much as possible. Yeah, I have been working on the plans which were pending before, and I also work on the new plans. I am very happy to realize there are many plans that I have completed, and one of them is...

Why should we hurry?
How about a lil Fashion attack first?

  Oversized black blazer, bright yellow Rollink T-shirt,
Printed scarf, Creased Calbin jeans, modified School shoes

         Yes, friends. As what I told you in the previous post, I didn't touch My online magazine story, AOMAGZ, for a long time, only because of faculty activities. And the good news is, I've been spending at least 4 days to fix it. Fixing the new appearance, Upgrading some parts, posting the new stories, etc.

The latest story is "Pelangi Di balik Hujan" by Chacan Grace

        Untuk teman-teman yang ingin mempublikasikan cerita di sini, jangan ragu-ragu. Semua cerita dengan semua genre/tema diterima dan bisa dimuat di sini. Do Send your stories to AOMAGZ@Gmail.com

YAY! click-click!

~Toowhit Toowhoo...!~ 

October 24, 2011

I Just Woke Up! Hoaahhmm,,,,

Hello everyone!
(everyone = Muggles + My neighbors + Readers + Blogwalkers)
I just woke up from a loong hibernation. And how are you? Still in the same hole, waiting for me? Hehe

Finally mid semester exams are over. Call me "Alay" if you want, But I think that  two weeks for exams is sucks. annoying. tiring. boring. If I were really a wizard, I would customize the time by my wand and spells. So that I have a very short time for exams anda a looong time for fun. LOL

Could you see our full-of-relief faces after exams? (me at right --> :)

Sudah lama sekali saya tak menyentuh blog ini. Apa sudah banyak debu? sarang laba-laba? Berapa pesan yang belum saya baca dan balas? Berapa followers yang belum saya follow back?
Dan Oh.. saya juga sudah lama tak meng-update majalah online AOmagz. Bagaimana kabarnya?
Ya ampun ada begitu banyak hal yang harus saya lakukan sekarang.
Tapi inilah kesenangan blogging! :)

Yupp... I'll be blogging almost 5 days perweek since now.

Oh, Btw some kind neighbors gimme awards. Thank you...!

From amazing illustrator, Della

From cool writer, Ami Tokugawa

A question is tagged with the second award from ami,
"Apa pengalamanmu yang paling berkesan di tahun ini?"

There're so many memorable things. But I can conclude them in a sentence,
"Being an EIGHTEEN!"

All of you are allowed to collect this awards too...!
Because there's no rule or instruction to give it for some bloggers only. It's available for everyone. So, just grab this if you want. free! Enjoy :)

See you in the next post!
~Toowhit Toowhoo...!!~

October 11, 2011


Yes peeps. I have to "Hiatus" / stop blogging for a while because of MID SEMESTER EXAMS.

Wish me luck....!! hehe :D

I promise I will be blogging soon...
Don't miss me! :p

~Toowhit toowhoo...!!~
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