Juli 31, 2011

10 (Secret) Things About Me

      Hi everyone! How was your week? It must be great, right? Now, I wanna share some secrets about me.. Because Some bloggers (Rizkimufty, Nyla Baker, Zhi, and many others) tagged me. It's surprising! how could so many bloggers want to know about me? Who am I anyway? Green allien from mars? LOL. hehe

Well, I just an ordinary eighteen boy. But maybe, I hide some secrets from the world...

1. Aul Howler is not my birth name. Yes, it is my pseudonym as a writer. ( in indonesia we call it: Nama Pena). Howler is taken from owl (I'm an owl lover). some years ago, I use Aul Owl as pseudonym. But everybody said, it sounds weird. So, I use hOWLer.

2.  I am a Pokemon maniac. Since I was 7 years old...

3. I'm a Harry Potter maniac. My favorite characters in HP are Hermione, Harry, Ronn, Mcgonagall, Dumbledore and Luna Lovegood... In death eaters group, I also like Bellatrix Lestrange Black

4. I'm a big fan of  David Archuleta, Owl City, Sherina Munaf, Vidi Aldiano.  I play their songs and hear their amazing voices on my phone or computer almost everyday. and... ehem... I also sing their songs almost everyday. You wanna hear me singing...? #GUBRAKK

5. My favorite food is Satay. And for drink, I love sweet-cold Cucumber Juice.
6. I hate durian So much.
7. I'm interested in many cool things. Photography, Poems, Story, Drawing, Fashion, Entertainment, Travelling, etc.

8. Maybe I love singing and dancing. Coz I often sing and dance in the bathroom. I love to sing some kpop group's songs. So, if you guys are interested to recruit me to your Boyband or others, I'm available! LOL. hehehe
9. I'm on writing a project. Wish me luck! :*

10. I love to smile and laugh together. I love to play together. I love my family and friends. I love my blogger-Neighbors :)

Actually, I have to tagg this "10 things about me" to other bloggers (that's one of the rules). But I don't want to make my neighbors tell the world their secrets too. I'm sure some bloggers need privacy. So, I don't tagg anyone. But, If some of you are excited to write down 10 things abot you too, just do it and mention my link :)

1. Tomorrow is OSPEK (kind an orientation phase for the new students of a university/faculty). Wish me luck, and please wish me survive.
2. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa buat teman2 yang melaksanakannya. Bila saya memiliki kesalahan kepada teman-teman semua, apakah sengaja atau tidak, mohon maaf lahir dan batin yaa. Semoga ibadah kita semua diterima :D
(Agak gawat sih, coz hari pertama puasa = Hari pertama OSPEK) It's gonna be a tiring week. hiks hiks...


Juli 27, 2011

Me And Clouds

As a sun lover, I think I don't like the clouds.
But as a rain lover and as a hater of hot afternoon, I love the clouds so much :)

Juli 24, 2011

I Call This Surprises

     It is a hundred years since the last post (or maybe 12 days only). Toshibii-kun is still cannot be turned on. You know, Dad was too busy to take it to repair center, and eventhough sometimes I have a lil break time, I don't know where Dad usually repaired it. So, I have to wait :( hiks... But, the good news is, I love my blog too much! I cannot keep my self far from it. So that, I think I may go for blogging on the nearest internet cafe. as often as possible. yay! :3

      Oh ya... I get a lot of surprises during this week.
Lemme tell you...

1. Giveaways
Do you remember one of my latest post? Yes, I wrote it for giveaway by kak Pungky last month. And finally she announced the winners. OMG. She choosed me as one of three winners. woo-hoo! And I get the presents last night...

Agent : (knock... knock... knock..) Are You Aul...?
Me     : Yes, I am.
Agent : This is for you.
Me     : Thank you :)

 I got a "Peri-Peri Bersayap Pelangi" book, an education-animations CD, and a sweet letter :))
Anyone here wants to get "Peri-Peri Bersayap Pelangi" book too?

I also got my first "Image Of Me". I love it so much!
Thankies ultraman pungky!

2. Awards
I got 4 awards!!! what the....
4 kind bloggers gave awards... *Touched...*
from Bang Yudi of insideyudie.blogspot.com

From Dana of Paramitadana.blogspot.com

From Kak Euis of adateiz.blogspot.com

From Della of Tangleuponmyhead.blogspot.com
(I love her-hand-works! I wish she'll make an illustration of me sumday. hehehe :p)

Aaand, I give this 4 award to my dearest Neighbors who came and commented here, eventhough they knew I would be not active for a while, because of my notebook viruses problem. This is for you:

Kak Nylabaker - Kak Euis -Bang I-one - Bang Devlin - Kak Gloria - Kak Fanny 
Bang Fai - Della - Adrien Loren - Dana - Hamadzi - Kak Tiara - Dynarsist - Kak Peny
  Bang Immanuel - Rizki mufty - Kak Fai (kaos kaki ungu) - Kak Amanda - Bang Baha - Flo

And, I also wanna say sorry for late to visit+reply+follow back.
I know, late for some days is not cool, right? hehe.
Happy Sunday!

Juli 14, 2011


       It's the 6th day since my last post, right? Why? Yes, because it's happening! Some (hundreds) unwanted viruses destroyed the systems of Toshibii-kun (my Notebook). And now, He cannot be turned on. That means, I have to stop blogging for a while. Until Toshibiikun repaired and regained his health back. Aaand, What I really wanna say right now is, I'm so sorry everyone...

You know, can not do anything with my blog except reading the comments by handphone is very very frustating for me. Seriously. I feel like a half of my soul is gone away... :'(

Juli 08, 2011

Break Time?

Hi everyone!
It's holiday, anyway. But not for me, and nor other new colleger. Yes, because we have many problem to be solved, related to our new university. But don't worry, I won't tell you such annoying things like how tiring waiting my queue number called by the committee or how complex re-register is. Now, I just wanna share my "Me And Sister Time" when we got a break time together.

And, whut about some fashion attack?
 I wore:
Unbranded Ethnic T-Shirt
Export backpack
Chinese necklace + Wooden Ethnic guitar strap = Ethnic Guitar Necklace
wooden bracelet
Gucci leather watch
Common Black jean's
Unbranded ethnic sandals

 My sister and I spent our break time at Plaza Andalas and Padang Beach.
Just got some foods for lunch, and a long afternoon on Timezone.
My sister rock!

It was irritating, when I saw this horse and I was not allowed to ride it.
hiks... hiks... 

I lost a coin in this machine, eventhough I remembered how to win it.
"Jaadi mesiiin..." -Spongebob Squarepants-

Errr... it's better if I tell you whut I got at the beach, right?

I love the wet sands

Love Sand Tower... hehehe...

It's a short break time actually.
But the beach, the sea, the sands, the waves and the winds... 
Sooo refreshing for my eyes, my mind, and my mood.

Happy Holiday Everyone!

Today's Quote
"The beach with a lil of your favorite song can make everything better. Particularly, to change your mood..." -Aul Howler-

Juli 04, 2011

Anak-Anak: Dulu Dan Sekarang

Dialog 1 
Caca : Fi, Semalam kamu nonton sinetron "Cinta Terlarang" nggak?
Fifi    : Nggak tuh! Semalam jadinya gimana?
Caca : Iya. Jadi si Cinta sama Andre akhirnya pacaran. Terus Mamanya gak setuju, soalnya ternyata mereka adek kakak. Tau nggak, Fi? Si Andre anak haram mamanya Cinta!
Fifi    : Wah... kapok aku gak nonton

Dialog 2
Bu Guru : Siapa yang suka menyanyi??
Rizki      : Saya buuuk!!
Bu Guru : Ayo Rizki, bernyanyi di depan kelas!
Rizki      : (berdiri di depan kelas) "Menatap indahnya senyuman diwajahmu... Membuat ku terdiam dan terpaku... Mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah... Saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku.. Hooooo wowo..."

      Amati dua dialog sederhana di atas. Dialog-dialog tersebut mewakili jutaan dialog lainnya dengan maksud serupa, yang SEKARANG kita jumpai dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Apakah anda merasakan keanehan? Apakah anda merasakan "hal yang tidak wajar" di dalamnya?

      Ya. Saya sedang membahas tentang anak-anak di masa lalu dan anak-anak saat ini. Mungkin sebagian besar dari kita tidak menyangka, bahwa anak-anak zaman sekarang mengalami cara tumbuh yang berbeda dengan anak-anak di zaman dulu.

      Apa yang berbeda? Ya. Anak-anak zaman dahulu tumbuh sebagaimana mestinya. Mereka bermain bola di halaman. Mereka suka bermain perosotan dengan teman-teman. Mereka suka bermain meniup gelembung sabun. Mereka suka menyanyikan "Balonku ada lima" atau"Pelangi-Pelangi". Mereka suka menonton kartun atau pahlawan dengan robotnya di TV. Dan mereka suka dibacakan dongeng atau cerita-cerita anak sebelum tidur.

      Sedangkan anak-anak zaman sekarang tidak. Mereka lebih suka bermain dengan Playstation atau game online. Mereka lebih suka menyanyikan lagu-lagu cinta karya band-band yang sedang populer. Mereka suka menonton sinetron di TV. Dan mereka juga suka bermain game di handphone sebelum tidur.

      Masalah? Ya. Masalah yang sangat besar. Bisa kita lihat, bahwa