December 22, 2012

Finally Holiday! A loooong holiday!

     Hello everyone!
     How are you?
     I'm fine here. A little bit relieved. A little bit happy. And also a little bit sleepy (I'm writing this at 23.00). LOL. Finally the semester test was over. Finally all assignments were done. Finally my responsibility in some programs and events was finished. Finally the holiday is coming. 3 weeks! COOL, YEAH! What could be better? :) #Satisfied

I really wish I'll get a new girlfriend camera soon.
My cell phone camera is getting worst day by day. It's too old to use now.
You see this blurry photo?

      By the way, I'm also relieved because in fact, 21-12-2012 is not the end of world. I worried all day long, you know! I watched the sky many times, because in the 2012 movie there are so many meteors. And everytime the floor vibrate, I also tried not to be panic because that was not earthquake. You know how the earthquake on the 2012 movie. And in the end of the day I was realized that watching "2012" movie a day before that day is not a good idea. And I blame the TV channel for that. ARGHH!!

Let's forget it.
And let's wish there would be 3012 or 4012 or 9012 in this life. Amin.
And, oh!
Today is December 22!

Let's hug our mother and tell her how much we love her!

Karena banyaknya permintaan,
maka saya akhirnya menyediakan menu translate ke bahasa Indonesia di blog ini.
Happy Reading! ^^

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

December 09, 2012

Flying For Semester Test

Se yeah.
I need to study more.
The Semester test is coming.
Started tomorrow. For two weeks.

Wish me luck everyone!

December 03, 2012

December Vampire

Finally free time!
You know what? About half of my busy time has been over. I'm very relieved. That's the best feeling of the year. i think there's nothing better. Hehe.. But the bad news is : I'm gonna face the Semester Test. Will be started on December 10. Two weeks.

No waaaaayy!!!

But, Hey. That's not really bad. I still have my free time, right? No meeting, no assignments, no tasks. Moreover, There will be a long holiday after that. Three weeks! I must grateful. yay! #Hamdalah.

Anyway, I just watched Breaking Dawn Part 2. Do you guys all watch it?

I Totally love it! Both of Breaking Dawn part 2 and Twilight are my favorite. (Harry Potter is still the best, of course. But I also like many other movies) Well, I don't really like New Moon or Eclipse. I don't know why. I just could not feel "the feel". You understand what I mean, right?

And.. I love Renesmee. More than Jacob does! :p


Here is another vampire. Re-Born at December. LOL

 I need your blood...

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