Januari 31, 2013

The Adventure On Museum Adityawarman

     Well, Hi.
     Saying "busy" as the reason for the lack of post must be boring for you, right? But that's the truth. I'm busy. always busy. lol. So please calm your self down when reading this, okay? The blog post must go on ;)

     Some days ago, Oddie, Nando, Dirga and I visited Adityawarman Museum which is located at Jl. Diponegoro, Padang (Not really far from my campus). Actually our main purpose was to visit the park around the museum (maybe it's one of the cleanest park in the city) after campus time and then having meal in the KFC near the park. But seeing museum objects would not be bad, we thought. Here are some photos..

Oddie, Nando and Dirga seeing objects in the museum

Replica of some typical minangkabau food.
This made me hungry. Mirip aslinya kan?

Sulaman & Batik from Minangkabau traditional culture.
Can be found at Minangkabau culture only.
Example in West Sumatera (Indonesia) and Negri Sembilan (Malaysia)

Januari 20, 2013

They Say "Freak, weird, odd, geeky". I Say "Who cares?"

Finally an outfit post!
Hello everyone. How are you?
I'm fine here. Not really fine actually, but not bad as well. lol.

     So, I've been busy again in campus. My normal day is back. College, assignments, meeting, work, project, etc. Sounds scary but in fact I enjoy it, now. I don't know why. haha. Maybe I'm getting used to it. wow. Last year, I blamed everything for being busy. And now I'm very happy for being busy. Cool, isn't it? :D

     Next, let's talk about this style. You know what? Some days ago, I wore this outfit to campus and everybody in the class gave various reaction. Some of them said, "Nice." Some said, "Geeky." Some said, "Freak". or "Weird". or "Odd". or "Gayanya Anak Alay Dahsyat".

     Oh, well.

     Actually I didn't really care of what they said. I can wear anything as long as I'm satisfied, as long as I don't hurt someone, right? So who cares? lololol.

Now, Get ready for being hurt on eyes, readers...

 I wore:
Jim Boss sweatshirt, college plaid shirt, skinny jeans, unbranded "YOUTUBE" cap,
classic Converse All Stars shoes, Bariho fashion watch.

     Just got this "super cool watch" sponsored by Bariho andDresscode Magazine. I love it! It's one of the greatest mood booster of this month! The design is very nice & unique. It looks trendy and cool and amazing in my hand. I've been using it since Bariho & DC magz sent it. Every day! Thank you so much Bariho and Dresscode Magazine!

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

Januari 12, 2013

Buk... Buk... Buk...

Rasanya, sudah sekian lama tanpa puisi.
Here it is. Sebuah puisi berjudul :

Buk... Buk... Buk...
Oleh : Aul H


          Buk... buk... buk...
          Wanita lapuk, menumbuk
          Tersuruk di lubuk hidup buruk
          Meski batuk, huk.. huk..
          Tetap menumbuk
          Sampai bubuk

                                                              Buk... buk... buk...
                                                              Berkain busuk, menumbuk
                                                              Jerih terpeluk
                                                              Bungkuk di biduk penuh cambuk
                                                              Meski ngilu menusuk-nusuk
                                                              Tetap menumbuk
                                                              Sampai ambruk

Padang, Desember 2012 

Januari 06, 2013

My Holiday and My Secret Project

     Well.. Hello again, everyone!
    You must be mad at me, right? I've been disappeared for 2 weeks without any permission from you, without information, without notification...

     This is my mistake, I know. But trust me, being far away from this blog is not my plan. It was just happened.. Unexpected. My holiday was full of activities. Some of them were unimportant. Such as: Fever, sleeping, sleeping for fever, babysitting my nephew (who spent his holiday in my home), accompanying my nephew to KFC and Timezone, doing my secret project, etc.

    So, as an apology, I would like to share about my secret project to you guys all.  It's my first novel!  I've been busy finishing it (until now. Not finish yet). It's in editing (now). I wish it will be published before February. It will not published in major publisher, anyway. I use "Self publisher" for this novel. So, it'll be available online and every human on the planet could buy it! Yeahh!!

     Here is some photos of my office. LOL. It's the corner of living room. My Dad put the computer there, and I add some stuffs around to make it more comfortable for my writing time. Hehe...

Forgive me for this blurry pic. I'm still using my old mobile camera, remember?
Urgghh.. I didn't get new camera so far. Keep wishing!

And here is my draft! I'm still editing it. Almost finish!!
It's a Fantasy Novel. If you love to read my "Yogie Series", you'll love my first novel too!

Btw, my holidays will be end on January 14th. Just a week left.
I'm super excited to go back to campus!!
I miss my normal day. and I miss my classmates!

Last night, Ifa (she wear red shirt) sent this photo to my twitter ;)
Thanks Ifa!

My best smile of 2012. LOL :))

Happy holiday for those who still have holiday!
Happy working for those who already have normal day!
I still have 7 days for holiday, tho...

See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo!!