February 29, 2012

The Creek (Mini River)

Taken at subangek Creek (Mini River) 6KM from my house
Using Samsung corby 2MP mobile camera and Photoscape editor

Oops ... This pic is definitely not a photography.

February 26, 2012

Ini Terlampau Sering Terjadi, Kan?

      Ini terlampau sering terjadi, kan? Kala jemariku menggenggam erat roti tawar bertabur rindu di kedua sisinya namun benakku mendamba pizza dengan saos tomat dan kacang dengan parutan cinta; di sela-sela duka panggang setengah matang. Kehendak akan yang mustahil direngkuh, sementara punya yang bisa didekap erat..

February 23, 2012

Blurry Here, Blurry There..

    Hello. Yesterday was one of the most surprising day I ever experienced.  A man called me [to my phone, of course] when I was checking my twitter. And guess what, he's one of teacher in my faculty [ Dosen : in indonesia]. Can you imagine that? At first, I was scared. and nervous. I think I never made something wrong at teachers and professors, especially at him. I asked my self, "How could my teacher know my private phone number? What mistake I have done?"

Heyy... Calm down. I will tell you guys all the story completely. Let's see some narcissistic picture first. lol

I wore a blue saphhire-white jacket, red-grey T-shirt,
green rubber bracelets, Owl-shaped-watch-necklace,
common glasses and shoes, my old jeans

So sorry about the very very bad quality photos.
I was so busy all day long. So I could not take photos in afternoon.
This was my first time taking photos at night, and I just realized...
night means not clean or blurry photos.

    Back to the stories. My Dosen asked me to help him translating some text from indonesian language to english. today. OMG. You know, I'm still in the learning. I'm not too good in english, even I love it. Yeah. I mean... I'm just a student, right? what could student do? Creating trouble? Doing a mess? But I couldn't say "No, I cannot Sir!" to him. That's not polite. I have to do my best first. LOL. I have to do it as a challenge and practice. well, practice makes perfect. Isn't it? ;)

Wish me luck, okay! hehehehehe....
See you in the next post!
Toowhit toowhoo...!

Today's Quote:
"Mobile camera is good to use only during afternoon, NOT at night." -Aul Howler-

Thank you so much for Bang Nuel for reviewing my blog. He wrote a very nice post about my blog, here. Thank you thank you! He's an amazing blogger, anyway. You should visit and follow his blog too [as I did] :)

February 20, 2012

It's Like.. I was busy last week

      Hello. Is it too late for updating? I hope no, coz I'm sure no one cares, moreover waiting for it. lol. Yeah. If you are a conscientious, you'll realize that I usually update this blog in the midweek or weekend. And now is monday. I mean, MONster DAY. [People in trending topics of twitter said that ^^;] hihihi...

source: here
    Well, I was kinda busy last week. My lecture schedule became irregular, because the professors were unable to attend the class [some times]. I ever spent a full day in the faculty just for waiting for a Microbiology or Anatomy class began. The class itself was no longer than 2 hours. Annoying, huh? And I couldn't blogging while waiting, because the wireless connection was in the trouble. Lucky, The technicians had repair it yesterday, and now you're reading this blog post. lol.

source: here
     I was in the trouble too, in arranging lecture materials. You know, mid test of 2nd semester is gonna be held soon [makes me wanna throw up--as usual] and I should prepare it well. Or I'll get a worse "IP" [a kind of grades] again. How uncool. So, I'm sorry for late replying your comments, visiting your blog back, etc. I'll do it now, okay! [Because the wireless connection is already repaired]. yay

source : here
See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

February 15, 2012

Air Manis Beach

Taken at Air Manis Beach, West Sumatera, Indonesia
Using Samsung Corby 2MP Mobile Camera
Photoscape editor

The ruins of Malin kundang Ship stone
Malin Kundang Stone

February 12, 2012

Telah Terbit : Goodbye November

   Setiap potong November tentunya memiliki rasa yang berbeda-beda; setidaknya di setiap hati para pemiliknya -- meninggalkan kenangan manis, mengharukan, juga menyedihkan. Ya. November selalu meninggalkan banyak kenangan. Dan buku Goodbye November ini mencoba menyatukannya.

   Buku Goodbye November ini terdiri dari 3 buku berisi belasan judul cerita, yang merupakan hasil seleksi dari ratusan judul cerita dalam proyek #GoodbyeNovember oleh Nulisbuku.com. Salah satu ceritanya (karangan saya; di dalam buku 3) berjudul "My Last Day In Tokyo", yang mengisahkan akhir cinta pertama seorang mahasiswa Universitas Tokyo asal indonesia bernama Fred Wijayakusuma dengan kakak kelasnya, Natsuyo-San.

   Bagi teman-teman yang berminat untuk membeli, bisa menghubungi redaksinya via twitter @Nulisbuku atau e-mail ke: Admin[at]nulisbuku[dot]com dengan menyertakan data dalam isi email, diantaranya Nama lengkap, alamat lengkap, nomor telepon/HP, Judul buku+Jumlah buku yang ingin dibeli. Harga buku Rp 37.000,- Info selengkapnya hubungi redaksi ya. Ayooo...! Ayooo...! yang penasaran dengan buku Goodbye November ini buruan dibeli bukunya! ^^

Cerita karangan saya, "My Last Day In Tokyo" di dalam buku 3 (yang di tengah) Lho...

Ini dia ketiga buku Goodbye November
Daftar judul dan penulis cerita dalam buku

Alhamdulillah. Semoga terbit nya Kumcer ini bisa menjadi 'Mood Booster' untuk saya agar semakin bersemangat menulis. Do'akan yaaa, semoga novel pertama saya (yang belum ada judulnya) juga terbit tahun ini! Amiiin! :)

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February 08, 2012

It's A Simple Reunion!

   Hello. Some days ago I was invited to come in a reunion. It was organized by my classmates from high school time. Soo, it was supposed to be attended by 32 members. But unlucky, it was raining when the reunion was held. So there were 10 members only who came. It's okay...

I just wore my long sleeve black-white shirt, skinny jeans, black-brownish leather bracelet.
And oh, my new Motix America shoes. (thanks to nando. he took these pics for me)

   You know. The reunion was fun even if the members were not complete. But I got an AWKWARD MOMMENT because I was the one and only boy there. Yup, I was the most handsome  boy, with 9 girls around me. Can you imagine that? It's like you are the idol and they were your big fans. LOL. hehehehehe....

   Okay, I won't tell you guys all how freak we are, the alien species what we did there. Okay, I will. [eh..] We spent the day with jokes, laughing over loud ( I think we were disturbing others ), telling many funny moment  when we were in the same class, and sharing about our new environment in faculties. And after too much haha-hihi, foods and snacks (I always love KFC's Colonel Cundae Ice Cream) we went home. that's all. Simple reunion, right?

See you in the next post.
Toowhit toowhoo..!

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