Maret 27, 2013

Announcement : A New Way to Ask

Hello Everyone!
You must be boring to read the same post everyday, right? hehe. I know,
The Giveaway will be closed soon! So, for eveyone who didn't join yet, you still have the last chance. LOL

I heard a bad news about Formspring. It's going to be closed! Too bad.
Ada begitu banyak pertanyaan yang sudah saya jawab di sana dan.... harus dihilangkan.
Sayang sekali kan?

Sebagai gantinya, sekarang saya sudah membuat akun baru si Http://
Jadi sistemnya mirip Formspring kok. teman-teman bisa bertanya apaaaaa saja di sana dan akan saya jawab beberapa jam / beberapa hari kemudian.

Ditunggu ^^

Maret 07, 2013

Keep Calm And Win Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
How are you?

I'm not really fine here. You know why? Coz I'll be fighting for Mid Semester Test. For two weeks! #Dead. I'll be very very busy. I'll go sleep earlier and wake up earlier for study and study and study and listening music before I'm ready for the test. LOL. That means, I'll be offline for two weeks. You'll never see any new blogpost for two weeks as well. But don't worry guys, I still have mobile phone to read your comments or even your latest updates. Is it okay? ;)

Hey, calm down. As an apology, I already prepared something for you guys all. As what I told you in the previous post.
It's a Giveaway!

But now, let's begin with some outfit photos...