Maret 30, 2014

Hello (Again) UTS!

Well, Hi.
I'm gonna be not-so-update until April 8 coz I'll have mid semester test.
Means I have to study hard because I never study hard lately.
I know it's a kind of bad habbit but I just could not force my self to be more discipline. I don't know why. Haha.

Until the next post! Be waiting!

Maret 24, 2014

FROZEN : Cinta Sejati Melelehkan Negeri yang Beku

Apa jadinya bila sebuah negeri terancam selamanya akan terselimuti salju; membeku seperti zaman es di masa lalu?
     Arendelle, adalah sebuah kerajaan yang indah seperti kerajaan lainnya. Raja dan ratu yang memimpin Arendelle dikaruniai dua orang putri, yaitu Anna (Kristen Bell) dan Elsa (Idina Menzel). Mereka adalah dua saudari yang saling mengasihi dan saling menyayangi. Mereka selalu akrab bermain sepanjang waktu, hingga suatu peristiwa membuat keduanya dilarang saling bertemu: Elsa, yang sejak lahir dikaruniai kekuatan aneh--dapat membekukan apa saja dan menciptakan salju--tanpa sengaja membuat adiknya terkena kekuatan es nya. Demi kesembuhan dan kebaikannya, ingatan Anna tentang kekuatan elsa dan kenangan-kenangan yang tak indah terpaksa dihapus oleh Troll kerdil, yang juga meramalkan bahwa ketakutan Elsa akan kekuatannya di suatu hari akan menghancurkan segalanya. Elsa kemudian disembunyikan di dalam kamarnya sampai ia mampu mengendalikan kekuatannya, demi kesalamatan rakyat dan demi keselamatan saudarinya.

Some Weeks Ago in My Holiday Journey, I found Forks Forest

As a big fan of Twilight Saga, I love everything about it.
And I love Forks forest too, of course.
I think I ever found the fake one, here in Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.
Kinda different but it really looks like forks, really.

Maret 19, 2014

Glasses Madness

Hello people!
So lately I've been in a super-small-bussiness in my faculty. I sell various fashion glasses. It's very trendy and chic and also cheap in the same time. Actually I'm not ready yet for selling it online, but.. anyone here maybe interested to buy?

Available in many colors.
And it's very cheap, only IDR 25.000 /glasses (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)
If you're interested just ask me or order at

Maret 11, 2014

Stripes Makes Me Smile

Hello everyone!
How's your day? Mine is good. Always good, since I was no longer a member of any organization or group. I'm like freed from Azkaban, you know. It makes me know the true meaning of freedom. Now I have much time for hanging out with my friends, for blogging, for writing stories, for having quality times with family, for travelling, for watching various programs on TV aaaand many other fun things. hehehe..

So how about a lot of denim and stripes?

Maret 06, 2014

YEAH!! Cerpen Pertama Di Majalah!

The wish become true!
This is my first Short story/cerpen on a national magazine! Alhamdulillah :)
So, last september I randomly sent my short story to HAI Magazine by e-mail. I thought it would not be published, because the story is not a new one. I wrote it about a year before. I didn't remember what I was thinking at that moment. Seriously, I just sent it for no purpose. I was surprised when I checked my inbox 2 weeks ago--when I read an e-mail from the magazine, telling me that my short story would be published on first week of march edition--I'm out of my mind!

Today I bought the magazine and here are some of the pics..