July 08, 2011

Break Time?

Hi everyone!
It's holiday, anyway. But not for me, and nor other new colleger. Yes, because we have many problem to be solved, related to our new university. But don't worry, I won't tell you such annoying things like how tiring waiting my queue number called by the committee or how complex re-register is. Now, I just wanna share my "Me And Sister Time" when we got a break time together.

And, whut about some fashion attack?
 I wore:
Unbranded Ethnic T-Shirt
Export backpack
Chinese necklace + Wooden Ethnic guitar strap = Ethnic Guitar Necklace
wooden bracelet
Gucci leather watch
Common Black jean's
Unbranded ethnic sandals

 My sister and I spent our break time at Plaza Andalas and Padang Beach.
Just got some foods for lunch, and a long afternoon on Timezone.
My sister rock!

It was irritating, when I saw this horse and I was not allowed to ride it.
hiks... hiks... 

I lost a coin in this machine, eventhough I remembered how to win it.
"Jaadi mesiiin..." -Spongebob Squarepants-

Errr... it's better if I tell you whut I got at the beach, right?

I love the wet sands

Love Sand Tower... hehehe...

It's a short break time actually.
But the beach, the sea, the sands, the waves and the winds... 
Sooo refreshing for my eyes, my mind, and my mood.

Happy Holiday Everyone!

Today's Quote
"The beach with a lil of your favorite song can make everything better. Particularly, to change your mood..." -Aul Howler-


  1. ah senangnya jalan-jalan sama saudara..
    saya mah nggak bisa diajak jj sodara sy :(

  2. Wah,,, seru yah liburan lo Soby!!!

    Gua cuma ngenet aja depan lappy,,, BTW any way busway...! happy holiday yaaa...

    Good luck!!!

  3. I imagine how can u'r sister ride that motorcycle with that cutie long skirt,hehheh...I do really love the beach^^

  4. asiknyaaa jalan2 ke pantai?
    kapan ke Aceh ni, hehe

  5. cieeee bang aul, anak kuliahan mah beda sekarang. sukses selalu ya bang apalagi buat studi dan menulisnya, wes senengnya juga bisa refreshing sama saudara. semangat bang ;)

  6. wow, your blog can be internasional blog..
    hhmm,ione try english to my posting later..

    I like game too..but i never with my sister...

  7. Asik ya tinggal dekat pantai...di tempat gua mau ke pantai tuh 7 jam perjalanan >_<

  8. Awwww aul cakep muahahahaha

    wah kakak adek akur ya. beda banget sama saya dan kakak saya -_-

  9. *sirik* *masih uas* *sirik pokoknya sirik* T_T

  10. yay...senangnya jalan2 ama sister.... au, pantainya asyik banget yach, ada karangnya... en pasirnya keliatan alus banget gitu.... having a nice break time nichhhh

  11. waah seru XD

    plaza andalas masih ada ya?
    trus itu di pantai padang bukan kak? :O

  12. ya ampuun bang! kuda yang di foto itu kan buat anak kecil -__- wkwk tapi foto terakhir di pantainya itu...... It's amazing! :3 haha

  13. wow. Aul udh jadi anak kuliahan euy #eh udah pa belom yah?
    eniwei selamat ya..
    ntar siap2 diospek dong.. :)

  14. i would love to be friends :D indonesia is cool, I love migoreng!

    and I didn't make them I found them online!

    great pictures u have!

    Thanks for your comment ! I just made a new post, check it out!


  15. I am loving the shirt you are wearing!

    All the best, Angel

  16. Aul salam ye buat kaka hahahahahah,

    enjoy aje...

  17. ko semua foto yg berjilbab itu menghadap belakang semua sih ?!?! :(

  18. asik sik ... maba nih :D Aul gayanya bener-bener mau liburan banget :D
    kakaknya ngeblog juga gg nih ?

  19. wah, Aul keren. gak kalah sama coboy alias cover boy. btw, justru kakak yg takut nih soalnya Aul kan jago nulis juga. hiks.....yasud, kalo kalah gak papa juga lha. Sama adik kudu ngalah. hehhee

  20. I’m extremely inspired with your writing abilities as smartly with the structure for your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to peer a nice blog like this one nowadays..

  21. #ngeeeek 'potonya' cakep bang ngehehehe
    pengen ke pantai, tapi 2 hari lagi udah masuk hiks..hiks..

  22. lho, jadi fashion blogger sekarang? hehehe. seneng deh main sama adik. aku juga paling seneng kalau main sama si puja :D

  23. nice blog dude :)


  24. KEREN BANGET..........!!

    Sekian. [titik]

  25. hiks :,) aru ngeh.
    ternyata Anda suka bikin cerpen juga. Bedanya Anda hebat :D
    *nyalamin piala padapanic award*

  26. award buat aul nih :)


  27. the last picture.. exactly and particularly have changed my mood.. I'm happy to come here :)

  28. bang salam kenal, fotonya artistik :) momentnya pas. oh ya bang blognya berat, jadi ngebukanya lama, bisa di kompres aja bang CSSnya biar kagak berat :)

  29. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time! I hope all those college problems are resolved. I love the beach so much!


  30. 1. im not a very famous blogger, cos that would be diana (rikasari)! but thank you so much for the praise >.<

    2. sorry, i cant make ur brain malfunctioned at the moment, biar penasaran, and sumday maybe u'll get a surprise? LOL

    3. i really love the picture where ur sister riding a big bike !!!! so contrast with her outfit! hahaha. looks like a great quality time!

  31. waaah, enaknya yang uda liburan :(
    mbak masih lama ini dek huhu :(

  32. aaaa . jalan-jalan ya? asik nih .. drumah cuma saya aja yg blum libur -___- masih sibuk dgn UAS #curcol .
    eh aul di padang yah?

  33. Haha, another fashion attack! :D

    Saya gak tahu, yang jago modelnya apa fotografernya ya? :D

  34. gatel deh pengen vermak loe

  35. Sea sun , wind, could it get any better ?

    Check out my new post if you have time :)

  36. hello aul i give you an award ;) check this out http://paramitadana.blogspot.com/2011/07/2-awards-in-1.html

  37. hwiii udah lama banget gak pernah ke pantai huhu , enak ya yang akur sama sodaranya hihi gak kayak aku kerjanya beranteeeeem mulu deh :D

  38. asiknya bisa jalan jalan ke pantai...

  39. pantainya cantik.. ini pantai apa ya namanya n dimana?


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