October 28, 2011

The Sun And Night Sky In Me. Are My Eyes The Stars?

Hi Everyone!
        Well, there were lots of free time lately. And I tried to use it as much as possible. Yeah, I have been working on the plans which were pending before, and I also work on the new plans. I am very happy to realize there are many plans that I have completed, and one of them is...

Why should we hurry?
How about a lil Fashion first?

  Oversized black blazer, bright yellow Rollink T-shirt,
Printed scarf, Creased Calbin jeans, modified School shoes

         Yes, friends. As what I told you in the previous post, I didn't touch My online magazine story, AOMAGZ for a long time, only because of faculty activities. And the good news is, I've been spending at least 4 days to fix it. Fixing the new appearance, Upgrading some parts, posting the new stories, etc.
And this is it! AOMAGZ : Your Full Of Stories Online Magazine!

        Untuk teman-teman yang ingin mempublikasikan cerita di sini, jangan ragu-ragu. Semua cerita dengan semua genre/tema diterima dan bisa dimuat di sini. Do Send your stories to AOMAGZ@Gmail.com

YAY! click-click!

~Toowhit Toowhoo...!~ 


  1. dapat honor g nulis di sana, Ul? Hihi *kidding

  2. waah kreatif banget sih kamuu :)

  3. sihiiyy, tetep narsis seperti biasa :D

  4. Hho... abis narsiz ada yg baru dan fresh toh ternyata :) sayang aku gak jago cerita Aul hhe.. :P

    tapi kuliah ngambil apa toh? perasaan jadi british mulu sekarang, sastra inggris apa ngambilnya hhe...

  5. sepertinya sudah harus mulai hunting jeans yang lebih "dewasa" yahhhhh, jeans yang gak pakai efek washing gitu, efek seperti itu dah very-very last year dude. skiny jeans mungkin sudah so last year, tapi masih update sampai detik ini. trus kalau mau pakai blazer yang sedikit slim fit sepertinya lebih oke, yang loe pakai sekarang seperti punya abang loe 15 tahun lalu, kegedean sobbbbbbb

    masukan doang lohhhhh

  6. atau perlu dibuatkan outfit special buat loe? hahahahahahahh

  7. I wish my brother wore that type of style he is the most unfashionable teenage boy ever haha. And I really like the background of your blog it's very cool!
    Farrah's Muse

  8. @Bang Fai :

    thankies bang! senengnya dikritik sama Designer+Stylist terkenal kayak elo. hehehe

    senang senang senang ^^

    Yah, gue emang gak ngerti tuh soal fashion.
    Ini mah iseng2 doang, foto2 narsis pake kostum yg aneh-aneh.

    Seru soalnya!

  9. #ngok narsis sebagian dari oercaya diri hahaha...
    aku datang lagi kesini...

  10. narsis 4ever, ting ting ting,

  11. wadu,,maaf oot
    ijin meninggalkn jejak aj y,,
    keren jg magznya,,,,,,hahahahh

  12. bang kaos kuningnya kurang kuning haha

    wah baru renovasi ya aomagznya? mampir aah

  13. Aul ya ampun kamu udah gede ya :D
    aku lebih suka kamu klo lagi senyum ah :)

  14. Waduhh, kangen deh lama bgt uda ga main kesini, wakakaka

  15. hai aul! hahaha long time no see :3 makin narsis aja nih :p:p


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