December 03, 2012

December Vampire

Finally free time!
You know what? About half of my busy time has been over. I'm very relieved. That's the best feeling of the year. i think there's nothing better. Hehe.. But the bad news is : I'm gonna face the Semester Test. Will be started on December 10. Two weeks.

No waaaaayy!!!

But, Hey. That's not really bad. I still have my free time, right? No meeting, no assignments, no tasks. Moreover, There will be a long holiday after that. Three weeks! I must grateful. yay! #Hamdalah.

Anyway, I just watched Breaking Dawn Part 2. Do you guys all watch it?

I Totally love it! Both of Breaking Dawn part 2 and Twilight are my favorite. (Harry Potter is still the best, of course. But I also like many other movies) Well, I don't really like New Moon or Eclipse. I don't know why. I just could not feel "the feel". You understand what I mean, right?

And.. I love Renesmee. More than Jacob does! :p


Here is another vampire. Re-Born at December. LOL

 I need your blood...


  1. Yg bilang film ini gak bagus pasti bego atau kebanyakan nonton sinetron

  2. girl, who plays as Renesmee, reminds me to Lucy on Narnia..... She resembles her...

  3. lebih seru nonton Sky Fall dibanding Breaking Down 2.Soalnya cerita agak membosankan sih, part yang kedua ini

  4. Wah, aku belum liat breaking down dan episode sebelume jga :'(
    Vampire yg bagian bawah itu gag mirip vampire banget, ya :p

  5. udah nonton..kok biasa ya gan

    kunjungan gan, salam kenal

    ditunggu balik kunjungan dan follownya

  6. Foto yang terakhir bukannya serem malah bikin ngakak. Hehehe *upss

    Aku gak bisa nontooooooooooonnn... TT__TT
    Padahal udah pengen banget. Padahal sudah merencanakan. Tapi apa mau dikata, perubahan mendadak di jadwal kerjaan :(

    Oia, Aul, ikutan GA di popcorn yukkk,. selengkapnya silakan klik disini yaaa >>> Makasiiii :D

  7. wkwkwkw...

    bang aul..
    bukannya ane tidak suka, tapi sudah kadung tidak suka euy.. :D

    selera boleh beda lah, tapi pacar saya malah suka setengah mati, maka jadilah saya saja yang tukang download film tanpa menikmati. :D

  8. I like so much Harry Potter, but I hate Vampire :) Hope you have a great success in the next Mid Test !

  9. kalo vampirnya cakep ky fto terakhir,, mana takut...!!!!

  10. kalo vampirnya cakep, kaya foto t'akhir,, mana takut!!!!

  11. aku ga nonton breaking dawn, trauma :D

  12. sekarang cerita tentang vampire semakin variatif tidak hanya menakuti pemirsa saja.

  13. I've read all the twilight saga novel, I love how fiction meets love story. Everytime I read the novel I always impress how Edward Cullen loves bella swan, and he want to do anything to make she happy (including watch her love the other guy, Jacob black)

    If you haven't read the novel, well I think you need to read that. It's giving us (as boy) learn how to act about love.
    Good luck about ur test, I wish you have a best result (I passed the test couple weeks ago and I wish I'll get the best result too). Talking about re-born vampire in december, I gotta say welcome to the cullen's family! I've join them about century years ago (LOL ok, that was joking)

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  14. gue ga nonton, kayanya seru banget si waktu liat trailernye.. emang seru bener mgkn ye bro

  15. waduh pake bahasa ingglis coy..:D

  16. I don't like Twilight saga, at all :)
    Pernah nonton New Moon, itu juga karena ada Dakota Fanningnya

  17. yeah i watched it and it was great.
    i love the fighting scene :D

  18. Wihh,, mas aul keren banget tuh.. Ijin blog walking lagi mas.. he.. Makasih atas kunjungan baliknya ya.. :)

  19. the last photo, another vampire makes me laugh a lot, cool vampire in white, Aul ^^


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