Februari 11, 2013

A Very Beautiful Green Beach

Heyho, Muggles!
Missing me?

I won't told you how busy I am, I guess. No need. You know that already. hehe. So I'm so sorry for a lack of post (again and again). I got a bunch of activities and I almost forgot: I have a blog.

Btw, an awkward momment was happened today. So, there was discussion about "Health Promotion via Internet" in my classroom. And accidentally, the lecturer (dosen) talked about blog.

Lecturer   : "Is there any blogger in this class?"
Everyone : "Auuuuulll...!!"
Me          : *Blushing*
Lecturer   : "Is there any health promotion in his blog?"
Everyone : "Nooooooo...!!!"
Me          : *Speechless*


I wish I could forget that.

Now, I have some photos for you, guys. I just found it. It's a very beautiful green beach. My friends and I visited the beach once when we were having outbound activity.

Very beautiful.
Isn't this beach looks like a painting?
Or a background-setting in a fairytale?
Pantainya terlihat seperti lukisan, kan?
Atau latar dalam dongeng-dongeng?

Muggle, Muggle, Muggle, ME, Muggle

While in a game of the Outbound
Yang kaos putih. *Buka baju karna gerah*

Photo session before the end of event
Unforgetable momment!
I wish I could visit that beach again one day

See you in the next post!
It will not be late, I promise! :)
Toowhit toowhoo!!

20 komentar:

  1. btw I didn't see the beach :D

  2. pantai air manis ya Aul,
    tapi kok gambar pantainya gak adaaaaaaaaaaaa..
    piye toh iki..

  3. Tau niihh aul..
    Mana pantainya??

  4. Ikutan ah, pantainya manaaaaaa???

  5. Hei, whre is the beach? I didn't find it in some picts.
    But, I like the first pict. It looks so beautiful.
    And I wanna take picts there alone or i'll make a indie film there If I can.
    Alright, that pict was like a background-setting in a fairytale.

  6. Wihihihi

    I'm so sorry guys..
    Memang yang ada pohon-pohon itulah pantainya. Habis dari pohon2 itu cuma ada pasir sedikit, terus langsung laut.

    Btw ini sudah saya tambahkan satu gambar (yang kelupaan diupload) yang keliatan sedikit lautnya.

    Semoga penasarannya pada terjawab.



  7. Ok, I can see the beach. But, it's still so far. Hmmph. , it's ok. :D
    The important thing is I've been able to see it.

  8. muggle???
    hehhee mudblood ada gak?

  9. pantainya kurang terekspos...

  10. Bagusnyaaaa.. Hij yah.. Banyak pohon.. Kalo di banjarmasin pantainya tandus..
    Iyaa kaya di negeri dongeng, kepengen foto disanaaa XD

    Aul, lucu banget kamu nandain temen2 kamu sebagai "muggle" *langsung keingat harpot*

    Awkward moment yang saya juga beberapa kali ngalamin =='
    Di kelas lagi presentasi, pas sesi tanya jawab, temen malah nanyain blog aku..

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  11. Nice photos :)

    Visit: http://almostfashioon.blogspot.com.br

  12. Aul....huallow...

    What kind of species muggle is?

  13. He has never talked about the health at all, but he's always be routine to write about his land, his country.... The good point for Indonesia' tourism.... :)

  14. Mantep ya outboundnya, cerita tentang kegiatan outboundnya dong. Mana tau seru ceritanya :D

  15. kompakan pakai warna ijo, tapi itu siapa yang kagak pakai baju ijo, kaya'a kenal, hehehe
    semoga liburan'a menyenangkan, apalagi bareng sama temen2 :)


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