September 30, 2011

Bye, September!

Hi there!
Finally we have to say goodbye to our beloved september. We got so many good things and bad things this month. have we grateful for it? (Honestly, I also love to complain. Very often) LOL.
Is it rainy season? err, whut about some pics and fashion attack?

Oversized Factor Fearless Jacket, Ge'er Comiks T-shirt,
Urbanch Jeans, Converse shoes

It's rainy season already! Lucky me, yesterday was dry. So, I asked my friend(s) to accompany me and help me took the photos (I just got a new comik T-shirt and a new jacket too).  hehe. thankies guys! you both rock! I won't tell everyone that you're who click the shoot button - as my promise :-p
(They didn't want me to mention their names or post their pics in here). such a calm and anti-camera friends. hehe...
 I love rain. It makes the weather cooler, and all the leaves in front of my home looks brighter. Sometimes, some frogs jump near my feet and I'm so excited to see many tadpoles in the trench, swiming with their tiny tails. woohoo...!

Bye, September!
A little thing I hate when you're gone: Mid semester test. 10 days from now. UKHH...!!!


  1. cihuyyy narsisnya boleh juga...

  2. kali ini lumayanlah outfitnya, gw kasih nilai 45 point ;)

  3. And let's say...welcome october... Please be nice and wonderful

    Narsismu dek,hehhehe skor A deh :p

  4. bye september... hope i soon graduate. :D

  5. errr, kayaknya bukunya g matching deh Ul? :D

  6. bang aul model yaah sesuatuh banget haha

  7. point maksimal 1000 tauk!!!!!

  8. Amazing photos! Welcome October :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  9. @Bang Fai:

    Designer brengsek.
    Abis memuji-muji terus ngejatohin yaa..
    hahaha =,+

  10. bener2 futu narsis yah.. :D

  11. i loove rain too.
    apa lagi setelahnya,akan ada pelangi :D
    hahaha #melankolis

    semangat ya bro buat mid testnya !
    do ur best !

  12. I still loving my life whatever the seasons. I really enjoy with my simple life. How about your life on september, boring or not I hope you still enjoy your life. BTW...yours fashion is so cool. I think you are is fashionable.


  13. disini juga hujan becek ga ada ojek bang :D

    eh btw adek suka sih sama kaos L nya, cuma agak kurang setuju aja kalo dipaduin sama jaket itu...

    atau mungkin bisa coba gaya jaketnya di pegang aja, jangan di pake gituuu

    oke ini komentar ga penting -___- #abaikan

  14. narsismu oke aul... heheheh...

  15. nice doodle. good luck for your test. btw, rainy or sunny both are gift, and you can take a picture indoor if rainy outside. that's i thod :)

  16. Narsis di foto ke 2 dan 3.
    Tapi overall karyany baguz lah..

  17. arghhh.. viewnya keren gilak bang !! xD
    abang nih.. fotografer okeh, fashion okeh, gambar okeh, bahasa inggris okeh.. mau jadi apa sih bang? :D
    Ga terasa banget loh september udah lewat.. dan parahnya mungkin postingan sya d blan sptember cman 1 ~_~

    PS. Supa Luv The Last Picture x)

  18. kamu punya akun di gak sih Aul?.. bikin aja, lagian kamu kan suka nampang gini kan. hehehe

    liat buku yang kamu pegang, inget jaman SMP dulu.. buku bigboss.. hehehe

    maaaf lama banget nggak mampir sini.. maklum lagi sibuk >,<

  19. I don't really like rain but honestly sometime i miss it so badly :')

    *eh tpi makassar blom musim ujan neh, september kemaren aja baru 5x turun ujan -,-

  20. Bener dah, kamu bakat jadi model, Ul. :) :)

  21. i love your jeans Aul... and good luck for your mid semester test ! :)

    Hei Echa!


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