Februari 16, 2014

Holiday Journey: Taman Tirta Alami

Hello everyone!
Some weeks ago, me and other ex-members of student senate (BEM) went for a short holiday at Taman Tirta Alami. It's a park which located near Anai Valley, west sumatera. It was my first time visiting that place and I love it! It's like a playground and waterpark in the middle of wild forest. Very natural. Very refreshing. Truly an unforgettable experience.

the gate
You see that super happy smile? LOL.

 I love you this place!!
After having lunch, we played "Gift Exchange" game. (Tukar kado)
Everyone picked a random number and take the gift with the same number

 The gifts
LUCKY! I got this cool minions clock
Then.. the wet session!!
Actually the water in this park is cold. very cold.
But it's not a problem coz we were together in warmth
Blub blub blub
 splash of water. Super refreshing
The seatmate. He helped me taking photos of my activities that day.
Thanks bro! you save my blog!
On the way home. Ignore my thumb..
I love this people

It was our last day as a team. Because the student senate (BEM) has the new members already. Thank you very much kakak-kakak, abang-abang and the whole members for every momment we spent together. Semoga kita tetap kompak meskipun sudah tak lagi berada dalam organisasi yang sama :')

16 komentar:

  1. pwoah, what an awesome day! cool Minions clock you got there! and cool thumbnail :3 hehehe

  2. ah aul, jadi pengen kesana lagi ni,,,,,

    dah lama gak kesana....

    suasana yang adem bikin ngangenin....

  3. duh, pengen nyemplung juga rasanya^^

  4. Pemandiannya nuansa alam banget, Aul. Dulu pernah ke tempat pemandian semacam ini, di kolamnya banyak ikannya, jadi mandi bareng ikan. Lupa di daerah mana ._.

  5. Harus gitu ada lope lope nya? Hahahahaha

  6. I like the post. Coz there are little your photo. I mean, photo of yourself. :D

  7. Anai valey..
    kirain dmanaa gitu .. ternyata :D

  8. wuih, keren banget kolamnya... asri... alami....

  9. tempatnya asyik banget yah Aul..kalau dari Padang berapa jam kesana ?

  10. Sepertinya tempat yang menyenangkan .. jadi pengen nih kesana .. :)

  11. he save your blog! Hahha.. ya ya, no picture=hoax, right?

  12. Love the 'wet session" pics.. rasa refresh sama :)

  13. nice posting. im gonna visit that place someday


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