April 19, 2014

Photoset : Carocok Beach, Painan

So this is some photos from my holiday some months ago, neglected in the flash disk and too good to be forgotten. Carocok beach is one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Painan, Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.

Wearing: Blue-grey two tones sweater, Paris printed T-shirt,
Owl-clock-necklace, brown trousers, red beach sandals

See you in the next post!

13 komentar:

  1. suka banget sama kalungmu, aul. dari cewek kah? :p

  2. Wah aku suka foto yg no 2 tuh Aul, tjakep ♥

  3. wah, aul gak ngajak-ngajak ya ke painan.....

  4. eciyey, kalungnya keren banget...

  5. Gw pengen banget dah kesana, apalagi ada yg bayarin.. Muantap.. Perbanyak foto2 tentang pariwisata Indonesia, biar makin banyak orang bule liat.. :D

  6. Pantaaaaaaiiii~~
    Aaaaakk aku pengen kesana :(

  7. indonesia memang kaya dengan keindahan pantainya...termasuk pantai yang berada di sumatera.....jadi ingin nyebur ke pantai dech....
    keep happy blogging always...salam dari Makassar :-)

  8. Waaahhhh jadi pengen pulang lagi...salam kenal makasih dah mampir ke blog ku

  9. Wow.. Cakep banget pantai + lautnya..
    Kalo pulang ke SumBar mesti ke sini ah :D

  10. Bro, i will give you some advices. Just saying, but you had better give watermark on the picts, especially picts of landmark (without you in it). Or you can share the photos on your Instagram. I guess, Instagram has directly anti-block feature. Hohoho.

    But you successfully took a picts very nicely. ^^


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