Mei 30, 2014

Style : Anchor Shirt Under A Tree

It has been a long time since my last post about style, right? Well, actually it happened because I have no time for photoshoot or something like that anymore. And lately, I also didn't buy any fancy stuffs to be photographed yet. Yes. Long time no shop any shirt or jeans or jacket. I've been choosen as an assistant of some lecture-sucjects. So I'm quite busy collecting people's assignments, announcing information about schedule, calling lecturers, texting, sending broadcast in every chat apps, etc. But thanks God, it's almost over coz the semester test will be coming in 7 days. Toowhit Toowhoo.

Back to the blog post, some days ago I wore a new blue shirt which is bought by my sister in Bukittinggi (Saat dia sedang ko-as di sana). It has beautiful anchor pattern on it. Nando took the photos but unlucky the result was not satisfied. I must delete the background and editing in that way was so tiring. So I just got 5 photos here LOL.

Navy blue Anchor shirt, Vintage One-Piece-Iconic Watch,
Zara pants, Converse All Stars shoes

13 komentar:

  1. Ejieeeeeeeeh yg lagi sibuk XD

    cakep jamnya bang. Coba kalo warna pink :p

  2. Jam One Piece? Beli di manaaaa? Mau dooooonk... :D

  3. kalau udah keren gini, mending tutor photoshopnya di share juga atuhlah :3 biar makin cooll heehhe

  4. beuh, ini ngedit sendiri mas?

  5. Super shirt boy! ;-)

  6. You created such a lovely collage and that shirt is amazing!


  7. Amazing shirt
    cool style!

  8. Muy original!
    Te invito a pasarte por mi nuevo blog de diseño e ilustración unsaludo!

  9. You must be very busy, good luck then ! Nice shirt anw :))

  10. bang itu jam tangannya beli dimana yah ? hehehe


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