November 15, 2011

Questions, Answers And Tags

It's fun when we're tagged by someone to answer some random questions. Yeah, because anybody who don't know us will know us; who know us a little will know us better. So, they will never be miss understanding about us. And the good points will be gained by the one who answer too. Believe or not, by answering anyone's random questions, we can realize some things about us which were forgotten before.
First, I wanna say thank you so much to Patricia for tagging me ^^
Here we go!

11 Things About Me:
1. I hate slow :)
2,3,4..... 11 can be viewed in ( because I ever post about it there ^^
hehehehehe :D

11 questions from Patty:
1. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
----- Well, yes I had. But ssssttt...! it's a secret.
2. What do you think about my blog ?
----- I think your blog is a very cute blog with a great design and adorable appearance. The content (actually the journals post) is fun to read. In other way, I call it "Inspiring"
3. Do you like "past era" songs ? and who's your favorite musician ? (can more than 1)
----- Not so so. I just like some. Ex: Westlife, Bryan Adams, The Corrs
4. What kind of movie do you like ? (the type, ex : drama, action, etc)
----- I love Science Fiction movie, like "The Day After Tomorrow", "Tornado", "The Journey To The Center Of Earth" etc. I also love fantacy, like "Harry Potter", "X-MEN", "Nanny McPhee", "Disney's Movies", etc. But it doesn't mean I hate romance, action, drama etc. It depends on the movie's story.
5. Who's your inspirator to made your own blog ?
----- At the first time, I know such thing like "blog" from Raditya Dika by reading his first book "Kambing Jantan". But I never open his blog, because I don't know his blog link at that moment. My inspirator is other bloggers. They're my neighbors when my blog still in the very young age.
6. Are you a Korean lover ?
----- No, But I love love to listen and watch many MV of Girls' Generation (SNSD) and  some SHINEE's.
7. 5 words to describe yourself ?
----- Human, Boy, Freak, Cool, Lazy and Imaginative. Oh, that's 6 words! hehehe :)
8. Who's one of your favorite blogger ?
----- Actually I have many names. But if asked one blogger only, I pick: Kak Diana ( She's inspiring you know. I learned many things from her just by reading her blog posts. Btw, she's also Indonesian No #1 Best Blogger.
9. What music instrument can you play ?
----- I'm a bathroom "Tenor" singer. also a bathroom dancer. That means, I can't play music instrument well. But I can play Keyboard and some percussion instrument a little bit. Nobody teach me :(
10. Do you love your country ?

And These are the questions from Me:
1. Why do you write a blog?
2. Who's your favorite blogger?
3. Describe your self not more than 7 words!
4. Write down your favorite song(s) and the reasons why!
5. Do you like durian? If not, what fruit do you like?
6. If someone said something bad about you and you heard it, whut would you do?
7. If I were a genie and I could make your wish become true, what do you want?
8. If you were a president, what would you do first?
9. What kind of novel you love the most? Mention the title(s)!
10. What do you think of my blog?

Kinda complicated questions, I think. But answering the questions with some explanations is better than you just answer Yes or No, right? hehehe. Btw, I'm excited to know the answers from some "Blogger-blogger dewasa". It must be inspiring! So, Lucky bloggers who have to answer my questions are:
Bang Alit of
Bang Asop of
Bang Yoga of
Bang Sulung of
Bang Fei of
Bang nuel of
Kak Indi of
Kak Fanny of
Kak Tiara of
Kak Pungky of
Kak Fai of

Btw, siapa aja yang tertarik / merasa tertantang untuk menjawab 10 pertanyaan dari saya ini, boleh kok ikut menjawab. Tinggal kasih kabar aja, nanti namanya saya tambahkan di post ini. Okay! hehe
~Toowhit Toowhoo...!~

15 komentar:

  1. klo aku angkat tangan dah...
    dah banyak PR euy.

  2. waduh pr daku makin menumpuk :D nanti deh insya allah aku kerjain :D
    eh btw bathroom tenor singer itu hhhahha ungkapan yang sesuatu banget :D

  3. aul ada peer juga nih dari daku :D

  4. Good Job Boy. Very smart than the words who U write.

  5. kan gak saya gak ditantang, jadinya gak jawab deh, huehuehue..

  6. jawab dalam hati aja ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

  7. wah payah neh saya gak di follow sama dia, padahal saya sudah follow kamu loh

  8. Yeaaaaaah dapat PR lagi! :D :D

  9. Galau mau ikutan jawab atau cuma ikut senyum-senyum.

  10. hei wazap brew, :)
    lama tak kemari, langsung dapat PR, lain kali kasi cemilan napa? hahaha
    *i will do it, insyaAllah. hihihihi* ^^v

  11. tag finished >>


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