April 15, 2012

Carving Exhibition

     Hello everyone. Some times ago I attended an exhibition (pameran karya seni) by a community of art student. They exhibited art objects in the form of carvings, which were made using materials of wood, wire, and light bulbs. Here are some snapshots..

 I wore: Black-red VOLCOM old sweater, Skinny jeans, and black sneakers.

     Cool carvings, right? I bet their hands are made from gold. Such a brilliant handmade-maker! I actually wanted to buy some of the carvings for my bedroom. Unlucky me, that art objects were not for sell. LOL. It's okay. I think I would not buy it although it was for sell. My money was not much. I'm an ordinary student, remember? hehehe..

See you in the next post!
Toowhit Toowhoo...!

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14 komentar:

  1. *melongo* bagusnyaa nggak manusiawi, niat gitu ya :o

  2. wha........ dmna tu aul??
    kok ga ajak2 , bosan dirumahhh nii

  3. gambar ke-4 itu terbuat dari kayu juga?

  4. cool! :)



  5. Tolong di jelaskan foto apa saja yang di pasang di blog, gak ada penjelasannya pada tiap foto, jadi itu karya apa? saya penasaran pada foto no.2 unik bentuknya apa namanya itu?

  6. yang lu terbang, keren juga.. gimana bikinnya?

  7. Keren Aul.. yang megang sepatu itu pasti untuk memperingti peristiwa pelemparan sepatu ke bush kan? ^^

  8. ahaha kurang bagus ngga ada gw #digampar..

    yang gambar tangan itu gilaaaa..

  9. ABG yah???
    pke skinny jeans..
    gw puny skinny jeans malah yg koyak2...heheee

  10. wow, pencinta seni kah .. ?
    nice brader :D

  11. wow, apakah aul yang duduk juga merupakan karya seni juga?haha...

  12. lebih liat karya seninya daripada aulnya :P


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