April 30, 2012

I'm Lovin' It

     Hello everyone. So sorry for late posting. It's electricity blakout season in my town. Annoying. Let's just forget it and continue to the blog post. LOL. Last Thursday, my friends and I visited Grand Opening of 1st McDonalds store in West Sumatera. Call me katrok or ndeso or kamseupay or nerd or looser or something or whatever, I dont' care, but seriously, I was really really really happy visiting Mcd for the first time...

     It's located near my campus. So, when my friends and I got break time, we went there! when we got there, it was filled by crowded visitors. Fortunately, some of my friends already booked place for us ^^ Btw, I tweeted something when arrived there...

     Unexpected thing. some minutes after that, McD official responded my tweet...
     Funny. Oh, you know what. I just realized that this store sells varied menus, and not expensive. Then my friends and I choosed our favorite menus to eat, excitedly..


We all love this McFlurry and Sundae Ice Cream So much!
Congratulations for the new branch, McD!

See yaa everyone!
Toowhit Toowhoo!

Today's Quote:
"Life is Good, Laugh is Mood, Love is Food!" -Aul Howler-



    i'm really laugh to see you, aul.... your expression.... is so funny... :D

  2. mantap sajian burger'a tinggal dipilih sesuai kantong dan isi perut,tp kalau saya prefer pizza lebih nampol

  3. tiba2 saya lapar liat pic-nya -__- hiks

  4. jadi laper bener deh gue lihat tu burger

  5. OMG!!! Bikin ngiler ajah sih... ok fine aku mau ke situ ke MC Donald's maksudnya :))

  6. iya tau itu lo ngga usah dikasih subtitle me juga keliatan kalau lo pegawainya.. =P

  7. yg pasti, di antara semua fast food yg jual burger, aku paling suka burger nya McD

  8. hha gpp dibilangin kampungan yang pentingg menikmati hidup :D

  9. Eh? Seriusan di Padang, McD pertama @_@
    Wawww jadi tahu aku hehe :D

  10. Wow. . .
    McD udah ada di padang?
    kapan nyampe ke Bukittinggi ya? -__-

  11. Wew, ini dibayar brp bro sama McD nya? Jngan2 lo sales marketing nya ya.. :D

  12. yaha ..
    masa si baru ada di Padang .. ?
    lama juga ya baru buka disana ..

  13. hallo kak Aul, my name is Aul too :p
    I love McD, huahuahua . your expression so funny :3
    gue sama temen2 sekolah kalo ada tempat makan baru buka langsung ngincer deh, belum terlalu mahal harganya, masih harga promo *dompet anak sekolah* :D

  14. Aul's face looked like this:


  15. it must be so fun, there's a mcD near your campus. And I love your last quotes, 'love is food' lol..

    You have a magz, huh? how cool! I just knew it. Good luck for your magz ya! ^^ I plan to make a digital magz with some other blogger too.


  16. uh aku jadi melapar kaaan~
    udah coba mcflurry yg carame?, enak banget lho itu sumpa ga bo'ong :3

  17. hahahahah.... burgernya enak juga tuh bang
    btw, soal mcd, aku udah pernah sekali kesana, tapi yang di Lampung -___- *so? haha*
    tapi lapar juga nih jadinya :|

  18. is it really the first MCD in Padang? wow...I thought MCD is everywhere in Indonesia. hehe. anyway, nice quote you got there. visit my page back, ok?

  19. Ice Cream sandae rasa coklat mantap tuh.. i'm lovin' it hehe

  20. yuk sini aul, ke jakarta ntar diajak ke mcd lainnya :)))) *jokings

  21. hmmmmmmm,,,
    di pknbaru,,,
    McDonald's udh susah nyarinya...
    (atw mungkin emg sudh gk ada)

  22. wuaduh, junkfood tuh. hati-hati loh . . .

  23. aul... kudu dibayar nih harusnya ama mcdonald hahaha

  24. blackout season?? is there even such a thing? hahahaha where do u live? so sorry bout u guys lol

  25. Tidak perlu memfokuskan memikirkan orang yg membenci kita, karena masih banyak org yg menyayangi kita.


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