Agustus 30, 2012

After A Long Holiday

     Hello everyone! So sorry for lack of update. The first day after a long holiday is always unexpectable, right? We guess we already do all of the things we must do, and then we found out that we didn't do some. Or, we get so many new things to do in a short time--it spend all day long--and then we have to postpone other things. This is happening to me too. hehe..

    Now, I wanna share some pics related to my holiday :)

      Me + my family + my aunt's family + my cousin's family visited Singkarak lake and a waterpark not too far from my cousin's house. There are so many photos in my flash disk but I'm not sure to post all of 'em here in my blog. It would make this blog loading longer and longer, right? The photos above are enough to tell you guys all how happy I am. I enjoyed my long holiday :)

     Campus day is waiting... Ouch!

See you in the next post! I will update this blog more often, I think ^^
Toowhit Toowhoo!

12 komentar:

  1. tempatnya bagus... selamat lebaran..

  2. in the last pict, i see a huge numerous people there.. what a thing..

  3. Asoy dah, liburan ke danau singkarak ye :D

  4. youre SO photogenic!! plus, love the locations
    campus waits for me as well!!! fall is here -.-
    :) xx

  5. wiw asik liburannyaaaa. tapi singkarak itu... di mana yah kak? aku ga tau nih huehehe.

  6. Hello Aul, how are you? been missed your post.
    such a great holiday there ;)

  7. seems like u were happy :)
    i just wondering, in the swimming pool area-it seems too crowded people, how they could swim?

  8. liburan yang menyenangkan sepertinya, nggak kayak liburanku yang begitu... zzz ._.


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