August 12, 2012

Got Fever After The 1st Week At Campus

      Having too many meetings and too many classes in the first week after a long holiday makes me sick. So tired and tired. I'm sure that last week I was still in a good condition, good mood, high spirit, and happy all day long. But, yeah. Many things happened [Saya punya banyak kegiatan juga selain kuliah] and I didn't get enough rest, coz I always late to go home. The next morning, I came late to the campus. And in the afternoon, I would be be sleepy in the classroom. Everyday. since last monday...

    Yes. I'm sick now. Maybe fever. I feel hot inside and cold outside, eventhough under the hottest sunlight. I feel not good, everything feels strange. What a not cool feeling...

See you soon in the better situation!


  1. Gambar 1 n 2 kayaknya cuma beda diawan doank yaa!!

  2. good well soon Aul...
    Yeah, I was like you too. too busy with so many activities and college and got sick in the end.
    I like your drawing especially the last one :D

    visit my blog ♥

  3. Smoga cepet smbuh, Aul :)
    Gambarnya knapa ada "Paris"nya gitu, ya --?

  4. auuuul cepetan sembuh yaaa..anyway lucu gambarnya:3

  5. Get well soon :D btw salam kenal ya!! karikaturnya lucuuu :) visit back blog ku ya

  6. saya juga pernah mengalami hal ini, dan saya kuatir gejala-nya serupa dengan Typhus atau Demam Berdarah, ternyata saat check ke dokter..ternyata hanya terlalu capek, tapi untuk memastikan sebaiknya ada segera ke dokter...
    semoga cepat sehat kembali :)

  7. Semoga cepat di beri kesehatan.. Dan tetap semangat tentunya.

  8. ckckck..
    nia suka gmbarnya :D
    *mudah2an cpat smbuh ..

  9. hahaha, lagi sakit tpi kok gambarnya unyu2 gtu, wkwkwkw, awal2 kuliah gt emang sesuatu banget

  10. semoga cepat sembuh ya.... waduh kok jadi sakit... minum air putih dan vitamin c tentunya dengan istirahan yang cukup...

  11. What a shock you have! Speed recovery!

    Regards from Belgium

  12. semangat donk sobat,,
    semoga cepat pulih sobat...

  13. gws yak:)
    suka gambar ilustrasinya :D

  14. yeah it's one of the suffer as student... i've experienced it.... get well soon yeah,,,,


  15. get well soon..

    anyway, I wonder what was the sepia colored box all about.

  16. get well super super soon!
    it's better to be sick now than on exam week, right?

    The Sweetest Escape

    1. haha Stevia's right. I reckon you'll be fine on the exam. Drink more vitamin!

  17. that's cool how you describe your conditions with pictures <3

  18. Nice ilustration... biasa kalo abis liburan lama terus masuk kuliah lagi pasti kaget.. get well soon aul and keep in spirit to face the new super hectic semester..

    Hei Echa!

  19. cepet sembuh yah bang. jadi penasaran nanti kuliah gimana ya? bakalan sibuk ga yah... *kuliah dimulai tinggal beberapa minggu lagi*

  20. get well soon Aul.
    Btw gambarnya bagus. Itu kamu yang bikin? Keren.

  21. sorry to hear that :(


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